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Comment Re:Let's get this out of the way (Score 2) 447

Yep. and while I'm generally against meddling lawyers and all...THIS is one online app I'd like to see crucified by the legal types out there.

To play devil's advocate, what's the legal basis for "crucifying" an app like this? Random people already have the ability to review anyone without their consent. To my knowledge, there's no law that prevents me from starting my own personal website and publishing my personal opinions about you or anyone else I might care to "review".

If what I say is untrue or grounds for harassment there are already laws in place to deal with that (as the GP suggested, that's what libel laws are for), but you would (as far as I understand such things) have to sue me for making the untrue statement and not my web host for enabling me to distribute it.

I don't think this app is a particularly good idea. But I don't think it can be a priori outlawed without falling afoul of free speech considerations.

Comment Re: Amazing (Score 3, Insightful) 492

No, that is not free market labor. Free market labor is anyone who can get a job offer in an area they are allowed to be in can take the job.

<devilsadvocate>So your definition of a free market is one where the government (who explicitly decides who is allowed to be in the country) gets to decide who can and can't participate in trade?</devilsadvocate>

Don't get me wrong, I think labor is a classic example of where a regulated market is better for everyone overall. But it's still a pretty regulated market.

Comment Re:It most certainly is a tax dodge. (Score 1) 161

This is exactly what happens

Then why do you consider me to be paying my taxes but you consider no company to have ever done so when it seems like you agree that both I and the company are doing exactly the same thing (to wit building our expenses into the prices we charge)?

Or did I somehow misunderstand what you meant by "you are paying a far larger portion than ANY company has ever paid a penny of "their own" income in taxes"

Comment Re:It most certainly is a tax dodge. (Score 1) 161 company has ever paid a penny of "their own" income in taxes. Their taxes are baked into their prices. You pay their taxes for them

That argument seems kind of specious to me. I could just as easily argue that I pay my taxes with my employer's money because I've "baked that into the price I charge them for my labor" (aka my salary).

Comment Re:You think Greeks want MORE electronic money? (Score 2) 359

I think his point was that you'd have physical access to it, yknow, to buy physical bread and milk.

Only if you kept it in a big pile in your basement, which would have its own set of security and logistical problems.

If on the other hand you keep you gold/silver in the vault of a bank that is now shut down for the week then you're right back to where you are now.

Comment Re:This is not a matter of neutrality (Score 3, Interesting) 438

And it would not matter IF NOT FOR GOVERNMENT REGULATION...because I would have several, if not dozens of competitors to choose amongst.

Tell me, what color is the sky where you live?

No matter what the government does no one is going to have dozens of competitors to chose from because running wires to peoples houses is expensive and it would not be cost effective to do so for a chance at 1/24th of the market (and that's assuming that it were even practical to dig up the streets every 5 minutes to run new cables).

Not to mention that without evil GOVERNMENT REGULATION to force right-of-way land usage it would be almost impossible for anyone to build a comprehensive network because one old coot in the wrong location that refuses to let you run cables over his land could cut off whole segments of the population.

Comment Re:Have they not heard (Score 1) 358

[Have they not heard ] of AdBlock?

Yes we have.

Why would anyone pay for this?

Because some people appreciate the value that YouTube and (some of) the content creators that post there provide and would like a safe and convenient way to kick back a few bucks to ensure that everyone involved is able to pay their rent.

Comment Re:Like everything else M$... (Score 1) 208

Getting people who know what they are talking about to agree how good a piece of art is usually works best.

And how do we decide which people do and don't "know what they're talking about"? At best that's a circular definition. The criteria you've proposed for judging the quality of art is that some group of people have judged it to be good.

Comment Re:Like everything else M$... (Score 1) 208

Sure, but there has to be a level of complexity to it, otherwise it evokes no feeling.

So again, how much complexity is required? By what metric are you judging Justin Bieber's work to be insufficiently complex? Does it not have enough different notes in it or something? If the evocation of feeling is the important part then that's a subjective reaction on the part of the audience not an objective measurement criteria.

Impact anyone. Whether it's a positive or negative impact doesn't matter. Poor art won't have any impact and will be easily forgotten.

Justin Bieber seems to have had a strong negative impact on you and a strong positive impact on lots of other people (judging by the level of screaming at least).

Exactly. If it's so worthless as to be quickly forgotten, then it's crap.

I think you have your cause and effect backwards here. Great art is not great because it's remembered, it's remembered because it's great.

It's good that you admit it. Perhaps one day you'll acquire a sense of taste.

You're making a lot of snide comments about my personal preferences for someone that knows absolutely nothing about them.

Comment Re:Like everything else M$... (Score 1) 208


So simple elegant things can't be art? How complex does it need to be before it counts? Is more complexity always better or is there a diminishing return?


Let's see...refinement, noun: "cultured elegance in behavior or manner.". Hmmm....elegance, noun: "the quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple ". So art must embody complexity and ingenious simplicity. Gotcha. Can't see any issues so far.


Impact on who? How is impact measured? Sounds to me like impact is a function of entirely subjective reactions of the audience.

staying power

So something that is obscure and thus quickly forgotten about can't be art because it has no staying power?

The only reason Bieber is more popular is because most people are uncultured mooks and you appear to be one of them.

Perhaps. Or perhaps I just understand the difference between a subjective opinion and an objective fact and I'm not arrogant enough to assume that my opinions are somehow more worthy than anyone else's. But no, I'm sure you're right. It's probably the mook thing.

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