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by complete loony (#46829511) Attached to: F.C.C., In Net Neutrality Turnaround, Plans To Allow Fast Lane

Then there's the other half of the problem;

me: "Hey at&t I need more phone lines in order to service all of my new customers"

at&t: "Sure that will be $X per line"

me: "What, but I'm already paying you for one line, can't you just let me handle more than one call over that? Your customers are the ones paying for the call, shouldn't you install more lines for free?"

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So he mapped the layers of strata and their fossils, and noticed that these layers were mostly consistent over Britain. Then he applied this knowledge to identify these same layers in other places. This is not inconsistent with a flood that deposited all of these layers in a very short time frame. Initially with all of that material held in suspension as the water was moving quickly. With each layer of sediments and organisms settling out consistently across the entire area, as the water slows down. I'm not ignoring the data, I'm interpreting it differently.

So why are there so many organisms that only appear in the "older" layers, that still have surviving specimen in the wild?

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My 0.02c. Not intending to start any debates, just stating my opinions.

Climate change; humans have been stripping forests, burning coal and oil & turning existing eco-systems into single crop farms. Of course we're having an effect.

Vaccines; Much better than the alternatives, even if *all* of the scare stories are accurate. Though I doubt large numbers of negative results would be hidden by all of the worlds varied medical systems. They don't all have the same blindness to Big Pharma's influence.

Age of the earth; Personally I think a global flood story fits the geology better than reliance on gradual processes. Perhaps triggered by a huge asteroid bombardment that hit the entire solar system (my fathers pet theory that he has been researching and may write a book on). Most of the geological record is made of very clean flat sedimentary layers with no signs of habitation or erosion. I believe the Fossil record was mostly sorted by water, sinking based on size or density not age or biological complexity. All those dinosaurs died out quite quickly after the climate changed or humans decided to hunt them. I have yet to see any evidence that compels me to believe that evolutionary processes can create new cellular machines. Yet animals change in various ways and adapt to external selection pressures quite rapidly. Most evidence of adaptation seems to be achieved though tweaking the parameters of existing features, or the destruction of existing cellular machinery.

TLDR; I'm not ignorant of the common scientific theories, the data they are based on and how they are derived or tested. I choose to believe that there is a better interpretation, based on data and ideas that are wilfully ignored.

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The core problem, is that FreedomBox doesn't know what they want to be. They have no clear leadership and no clear goals. FreedomBox is what happens when you try to get consensus from a random collection of people who are drawn to the project only because of it's name.

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If you just want a laptop, this isn't for you. Think of it as a portable workstation with FPGA and other features for rapid hardware prototyping and hacking.

Personally I think it would be more usable with the traditional clamshell design. Right off the bat, you're going to need another layer of protection for the screen and somewhere to store a keyboard before you can consider lugging this thing around.

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