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Comment Re:Why subsidize? (Score 1) 1030 1030

The return on "investment" is not primarily to benefit you or I (taxpayers), rather to enrich the class that owns government contractors. You can bet they've raked in trillions from the debacle. There's plenty of money to be made whether the oil flows or not. When it does they make even more.

Comment Re: horrified (Score 1) 415 415

Yes, it's basically true, though I've not seen every issue on the page.

The interface got better over the years, such as on v6, but there are still numerous poorly designed features. Yes I say design, not bugs. For example, the lack of horz scroll bar that has to be enabled in a menu. Someone or multiple someones went out of their way to fuck that up *on purpose.*

Many of the "features" persist I believe out of spite. The one that bugged me the most was the fact that preferences were spread out over multiple places. To change a setting, you'd have to search all of them.

Comment Re:Keywords! (Score 1) 320 320

There's a much easier way... I didn't find it myself until about a year ago (after many years).

Anyway, so right click in a search box, such as at the top of slashdot ^^. Pick the menu item "Add a keyword for this search." Type "s" or similar in the keyword field and now you can search slashdot with only, "s beowulf cluster"

You will lose an important tape file.