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Comment: Re:disallow searching in profile (Score 3, Informative) 244

by misterooga (#45940557) Attached to: Bennett Haselton: Google+ To Gmail Controversy Missing the Point

Took me a while to get there.

1.Click on your icon (top right on my browser) to go to Account settings.
2. Click on Google + Settings
3. Under Profile (more than half way down), uncheck "Help others discover my profile in search results."
4. Cross-fingers, because who knows what other options will be added

Comment: Re:Just need new spin ... (Score 1) 200

by misterooga (#44618891) Attached to: China Plans To Stop Harvesting Organs From Executed Prisoners

Or... they realized most of the prisoners are underfed and malnourished... as well as, they probably found non-prisoner matching one of high official's urgently required organ.

So, close the gate on select few prisoners...and open up wide for the general public.

I think the detail will be in that volunteer campaign...incentive or threat therein.

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