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Comment: Option for the N900? (Score 2, Interesting) 198

by misterduffy (#31182158) Attached to: Enlightenment Returns To Bring Ubuntu To ARM
It's no secret that Maemo isn't exactly allowing the N900 to spread it's wings - perhaps having other OS options such as Ubuntu would let more developers in the door. I know Maemo's Debian base isn't exactly an alienating factor for developers but, given Ubuntu's current prevalence, it opens a few more doors competition-wise.

Would be somewhat indicting of Nokia's choice of OS should an alternative, indepdent platform take off though!

Comment: Re:Why bother Indeed! (Score 1) 416

by misterduffy (#29687437) Attached to: What To Do With a Free Xbox 360 Pro?
In short, if you have no interest in gaming then you have an inherent disinterest in the Xbox 360. As a hackable toy it's practically useless, and extremely fulfilling giving the amoebic state of the scene at the moment.

As a result I have to agree wholeheartedly with my man Nick about the original Xbox, even if we're slightly OT in doing so.

As for HD output on a European box, it's 100% possible on a softmodded box with the right software installed and the right cable (£10 off eBay). I realised there is no physical difference between the two models - it's a BIOS thing.

XBMC is a thing of beauty in 720p (1080i's a bit sticky). And contrary to Pro Coffee Drinker's claims that it doesn't have the oomph to play HD content, I'm not sure he's tried - I'm watching Lost in 720p quite nicely thanks. Aside from the slightest hint of perceptible jitter here and there it's a joy to behold.

Perhaps the best thing of all is the Milkdrop visualisations for the music player, which are also rendered in HD - stunning and mesmerising.

Shame the (vast majority of) games are SD, but aside from that it's the perfect Media Centre, and beats the hell out of any off-the-shelf model you could get for £100-300 because it's been in development for so long and its internal storage capabilities are so flexible (if you know how).

Comment: First Use Of Linux (Score 1) 739

by misterduffy (#27714895) Attached to: What Did You Do First With Linux?
Let's see. OS X Server 1.2 won't count because that was NeXT-based which itself was UNIX-based so it would have to be some distro of Yellowdog I installed on a pre-OS X G4 PowerMac. After that it was Xebian on an XBox. I've got a thing about making technology do things its not meant to to, so installing Linux on a PC seemed a bit pointless...

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