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The Almighty Buck

Julian Assange Trying To Raise Nearly $200k For a Statue of Himself 171

Posted by samzenpus
from the check-out-my-statue dept.
Rei writes Julian Assange, from his refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy, has recently taken to Twitter to try to raise nearly $200,000 for a life-size bronze statue of himself. The statue would have him standing front and center between Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning (with Manning pictured as male); the art piece would be then shipped around the world on tour.

Comment: Re:the pirate bay is important (Score 1) 251

by mister_playboy (#48567825) Attached to: Peter Sunde: the Pirate Bay Should Stay Down

The liberal Democrats of 2000 are not the liberal Democrats of 1940. Why didn't you call them neoliberals, you moron?

The fact that the core missions of Democrats and Republicans have varied wildly over the existence of both parties just shows how limiting and misleading the whole R/D /. debate is.

Comment: Re:Why Chrome when you can use Chromium? (Score 1) 107

by mister_playboy (#48456681) Attached to: Google Chrome Will Block All NPAPI Plugins By Default In January

Google has never provided binaries on their Chromium site and that has always seemed like a very deliberate choice to deter would be users.

To run Chromium (on Windows) you must to dig through third party sites which may or may not have the latest version of Chromium available and may or may not bundle adware garbage installers.

Chrome binary download links, in contrast, are featured prominently on many sites. It is heavily advertised.

Comment: Re:Hooray! (Score 1) 330

by mister_playboy (#48442257) Attached to: Eizo Debuts Monitor With 1:1 Aspect Ratio

Finally get back some of the vertical space lost when every laptop and desktop downgraded to "HD".

It's time to retire this complaint because the fact is that screen resolutions have started to increase again

Your old 1200 pixel tall non-16:9 display isn't anything to brag about anymore. 1440p is quite cheap nowadays and 2160p is gaining traction.

Comment: Re:Scrap heap (Score 4, Informative) 400

The main advantage of Firefox has always been the add-on system, and these aren't getting ported to ARM. They're all x86. They're even having problem convincing add-on makers to recompile them for x64 version of the browser which is why it has remained a non-starter so far. ARM recompiling is basically "not going to happen" land, which means that Firefox on phones is just another browser that has no advantages over most of the other ones.

This is false. Firefox addons are interpreted Javascript, not compiled code. They work the same on all FF browsers. On Linux we've been running 64-bit for many years with no addon problems.

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