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Comment: Re:Why Gnome? (Score 1) 49

by mister_playboy (#49244059) Attached to: The Role of a Nonprofit In Open Source Development

Agreed... the best Linux desktop experience is at Xfce.

As long as you have no need for tear-free video playback, anyway.

Don't get me wrong, I've got XFCE on one my own machines. But still having this sort of show-stopper issue in 2015, on open source Intel graphics no less, is embarrassing to Linux.

Comment: Re:And still (Score 5, Interesting) 196

by mister_playboy (#49156497) Attached to: One Astronomer's Quest To Reinstate Pluto As a Planet

Really, the only categorization issue that I'm adamant about is that Pluto-Charon is called a binary. The Pluto-Charon barycentre is not inside Pluto, therefore Charon is not rotating around Pluto, the two are corotating around a common point of space between them. That's a binary.

The barycenter of the Sun-Jupiter system lies at 1.068 solar radii, outside the Sun. Do you think they should be called a binary?

The decision doesn't have to be logical; it was unanimous.