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by mister_playboy (#47685715) Attached to: Google Brings Chrome OS User Management To Chrome

What is the point of using remote resources when local resources are so cheap for non-businesses? The 60's model was based on the economic realities of computing being unaffordable for most people. That is not the case today.

Why do people who often don't even store 100GB of data on their own computers need everything sent into "the cloud"?

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It seems to me that the closest analogy to this test would be our sense of balance. Our reaction to tipping over is mostly unconsciously controlled and happens faster than our normal movements.

Balance is processed in the inner ear and eyes giving about a short a signal path as is possible for us.

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EFF: US Gov't Bid To Alter Court Record in Jewel v. NSA 78

Posted by timothy
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The EFF is only today able to release details of an attempt by the government to alter the historical record in the case brought by the EFF against the NSA in Jewel v. NSA. "On June 6, the court held a long hearing in Jewel in a crowded, open courtroom, widely covered by the press. We were even on the local TV news on two stations. At the end, the Judge ordered both sides to request a transcript since he ordered us to do additional briefing. But when it was over, the government secretly, and surprisingly sought permission to "remove" classified information from the transcript, and even indicated that it wanted to do so secretly, so the public could never even know that they had done so." As you'd expect of the EFF, they fought back with vigorous objections, and in the end the government did not get its way, instead deciding that it hadn't given away any classified information after all. "The transcript of a court proceeding is the historical record of that event, what will exist and inform the public long after the persons involved are gone. The government's attempt to change this history was unprecedented. We could find no example of where a court had granted such a remedy or even where such a request had been made. This was another example of the government's attempt to shroud in secrecy both its own actions, as well as the challenges to those actions. We are pleased that the record of this attempt is now public. But should the situation recur, we will fight it as hard as we did this time."

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Ad Blocking software allows them to show and always has. And that is because they are unobtrusive and not annoying.

All of my browsers have some kind of ad-block technology in them. And the Google text ads show just fine, thank you.

False with regards to Adblock Plus.

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I'll always leave adblock enable on those sites that make (empty) threats. Everything on the 'Net has an alternative source, and users smart enough to use adblock are smart enough to find alternative sources.

If they ask nicely to show ads, like DuckDuckGo does, then I may allow them through.

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