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Comment: Re:Simple solution, introduce a microtransaction t (Score 1) 500

by mister.woody (#41299747) Attached to: More Warnings About High-Frequency Trading
It would be nice to have a microtransaction tax, but it wouldn't solve the problem. Firms would just move their money to China where there are no taxes on transactions. It is a bit like the internet. The more rules you have, the more people would move away from you.

+ - Bill Clinton Backs 100 Year Starship-> 1

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astroengine writes: "The light-years between the stars is vast — a seemingly insurmountable quarantine that cuts our solar system off from the rest of the galaxy. But to a growing number of interstellar enthusiasts who will meet in Houston, Texas, for the 100YSS Public Symposium next week, interstellar distances may not be as insurmountable as they seem. What's more, they even have the support of former U.S. President Bill Clinton."
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+ - Leaked Photo Shows BlackBerry L-Series Touchscreen Phone->

Submitted by mister.woody
mister.woody writes: A leaked photo reveals that the upcoming BlackBerry smartphone is a touchscreen device.

Codenamed London, the phone will run on the new BlackBerry 10 OS, according to website N4BB. While the photo doesn’t diclose much about the L-series phone from Research in Motion, it does show apps, including BBM, DocsToGo, Facebook and Story Maker.

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Comment: 4" screen (Score 0) 1

by mister.woody (#41220537) Attached to: iPhone 5 Mockup Seen At IFA Conference
This seems to be the only information from TFA:

Among the expected enhancements for Apple’s latest smartphone include a larger, 4-inch screen that can help it compete with the bigger displays found on rival devices like the Samsung Galaxy S III, which Apple is filing an injunction against after a favourable patent infringement ruling.

and I doubt it is true.

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