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Comment Re:Just a thought... (Score 1) 215

", per the observation that there is evidence of discrimination against women when gender is identified."

Not sure how they come to this conclusion when they indicate that when the gender is identified, BOTH genders see a significant drop and men see a *greater* drop when they're known to the project. It's only when the women are unknown that their acceptance rate is lower... but even then, the acceptance rate of men and the acceptance rate of women's error bars overlap... it's entirely possible there's no difference between the genders when the contributor is unknown.

In fact, the only place in their pull request acceptance rate error bars don't overlap on p15 is where identified male insiders are rejected at a greater rate than women.

"We hypothesized that pull requests made by women are less likely to be accepted than those made by men."

Seems like bad research... start with a hypothesis and highlight areas of your study which weakly support it, ignore areas which strongly refute it.

Comment Re:Gender-shaming (Score 1) 215

What are ./ readers supposed to do with this "information"?

Clearly, we're supposed to get mad that the research was ever even done and then stomp on it as hard as we can to make it go away.

Sometimes research results are just research results. They may not indicate any particular course of action. But lots of people will flip the fuck out anyway because they think that the facts will be used to push action in a direction they don't like.

Comment Re:So what should we do? (Score 1) 520

I don't find three pedals confusing either, and if I had a lift or even a slab I would probably drop the money to put a six speed into my Audi in lieu of the five speed slushbox when I liquidate my 300SD. I'm not doing that job in the dirt. The point remains, though; there was no good reason for them not to use pushbuttons.

Also, I'd still rather have a DCT than any of this stuff, and they don't work without computer control either

Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score 1) 529

Parapsychologists fall into 2 categories: suckers and people out to fleece suckers

Don't fall into trap many pseudoskeptics fall into of simply parrotting anything your favorite aging TV magicians post on facebook. There's been a big change in the field of parapsychology ever since a psi effect was proven to exist. The research being done now is ridiculously rigorous, thanks to the positive effects of decades of ridicule. I don't really have an interest either way, but I was surprised to learn this recently.

Guys like this are being taken very seriously:


This move towards better design of para studies and stricter peer review criteria was covered in Steve Volk's 2011 book, Fringeology.

Comment Re: Ok. (Score 1) 630

The reason most people use ad blockers is to keep their browsers actually running in a good manner. With HTML5/Javascript framework advertising clients, the issue of the browser eating more and more clock cycles until the operating sytem locks up has just gotten worse. It's more noticeable on lower powered machines like cell phones and tablets, but I even see it on Core I5 machines, especially if there isn't enough memory.

This idea that you can push all the processing to the client and not pre-render anything for your advert is rediculous.

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