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Comment: Re:rule of law (Score 1) 143

Research requires you to be able to buy a copy and read it, so you may use the information held in it. That's the case with lots of works out there, such as all scientific research publications. They all fall under copyright, which doesn't seem to hinder research all too much.

That's the point, right? If you're not allowed to publish because copyright, then that will hinder the next person's research.

Comment: Re:Stupid NAT. (Score 1) 42

by drinkypoo (#49503807) Attached to: Google To Propose QUIC As IETF Standard

Do you think they are going to pull up all their existing systems renumber every internal machine, make them all publicly accessible, give each a unique IP from the range allocated, etc.

Wow, it's almost like you're completely ignorant of how networking actually works, and yet still posted on slashdot anyway!

UDP works JUST FINE with NAT, if you haven't noticed.

Yes, as long as the firewall is stateful. Otherwise you need protocol support to receive responses.

People have this thing about NAT being evil but it's not.

No, certain protocols are evil, like SIP, and NAT exacerbates that evil. As such, it's not evil, just a massive PITA.

Comment: Re:Question still remains (Score 1) 104

by drinkypoo (#49503777) Attached to: Google Adds Handwriting Input To Android

I could sort of understand if one of those GamerGate "Men's Rights Activists" dudes were claiming that most government leaders and CEOs were women.

But that's not what happened here.

But why on Earth would a woman make such a bizarre claim?

That's not what happened here.

Have you been living under a rock?

Are you a rock?

Comment: Re:Age old story of outsourcing (Score 1) 143

by drinkypoo (#49503773) Attached to: Incorrectly Built SLS Welding Machine To Be Rebuilt

So you are calling the above poster a liar? Nice.

Name and shame or you're a liar making shit up to make yourself seem more important. Put up or shut up is the name of the game, otherwise it's just FUD. Vague pronouncements might serve in government, but they don't suit here on Slashdot.

Comment: Re:in my opinion this guy is like Jenny McCarthy (Score 1) 296

by PopeRatzo (#49502945) Attached to: Columbia University Doctors Ask For Dr. Mehmet Oz's Dismissal

Would you be behind a movement to label all foods that contain "Chemicals" with a label that says "Contains Chemicals"?

No, "contains chemicals" doesn't tell me what's in the food.

You may not realize this, but there's already a law that requires food to be labeled for the chemicals that are in it. It's been in place for decades, and somehow, the world hasn't ended and the food companies are still making food and people are still eating.

Have you looked at a package of potato chips recently? Do you think the words "BUTYLATED HYDROXYANISOLE" on the label just got there by magic? Do you think consumers have a right to know that PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OIL is in the food they eat? People know that shit is bad for you, but they still eat potato chips. So what exactly is the harm in people knowing whether or not that styrofoam package contains corn that is from a genetically modified organism? What are you so afraid of?

Comment: Re:So much for long distance Listening (Score 1) 172

by drinkypoo (#49502857) Attached to: Norway Will Switch Off FM Radio In 2017

You're assuming the goal of listening radio is simply to understand. For most people it most definitely isn't. There's nothing more fatiguing than trying to understand content through static in the background.

Yeah, there's nothing worse than when the radio reception is poor while you're digging ditches.

Comment: Re:As someone on dial-up in Seattle... (Score 2, Insightful) 61

by mrchaotica (#49502779) Attached to: DOJ Could Nix Comcast-Time Warner Merger

At that location they are so far above us in speed. It's sad when the middle of nowhere in a useless state has access about eight times faster than us for about a tenth of the cost. I wish Seattle would catch-up so the shithole of South Carolina.

Gee, it sure sounds to me like it's Seattle that's the shithole!

Comment: Re:At this point? Really? (Score 1) 61

by mrchaotica (#49502773) Attached to: DOJ Could Nix Comcast-Time Warner Merger

Based on this list [], it looks like merger activity between US banks dramatically slowed since Obama took office, after going through the roof during the Bush years.

I counted 48 mergers during the Clinton years versus 39 during Bush.

Well, shit, when an industry is consolidating of course there are going to be a bunch of mergers (of small companies into medium companies) at the beginning, then a moderate amount of mergers (of medium companies into big companies), then just a few mergers (of big companies into gigantic, dangerous ones).

So yeah, we should fully expect Clinton mergers > Bush (II) mergers > Obama mergers, just because by the time Obama got in office there were hardly any companies left to merge!

Comment: Re:Question still remains (Score 1) 104

by drinkypoo (#49502699) Attached to: Google Adds Handwriting Input To Android

But it has only been a relative few years that smartphones have had screens bigger than about 3.5"

Yeah, you know why? Because they didn't have the horsepower to drive the resolution that users expected from a display at larger sizes. It's only recently that the hardware has become efficient enough to actually provide a larger display with the features users expect.

They could have simply added a phone and left everything else alone.

What makes you so sure that they could have done that in the same package and still got it out of the door for a price that anyone would pay?

Theory is gray, but the golden tree of life is green. -- Goethe