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Comment: Re:Sue Intel! And AMD! (Score 1) 114

by mishmash (#27036419) Attached to: RIAA, Stop Suing Tech Investors!
A licence is required if you have equipment capable of receiving broadcast TV live in the UK now. It is generally unenforced though in the case of those owning computers only, this makes a mockery of the TV licensing system. Arbitrarily enforced laws are very bad laws, they give too much power to those charged with enforcing them.

+ - UK phone and email database proposed->

Submitted by mishmash
mishmash (585101) writes "The Times of London is reporting proposals for a massive government database holding details of every phone call, e-mail and time spent on the internet. This is to be justified as being "part of the fight against crime and terrorism". "Internet service providers (ISPs) and telecoms companies would hand over the records to the Home Office under plans put forward by officials." Contact details for representatives to let them know your views are available at Write to Them."
Link to Original Source

Amazon MP3 Store to Go Global in 2008 196

Posted by Soulskill
from the and-in-this-corner dept.
Amazon announced in a press release today their plans to sell DRM-free music worldwide through the Amazon MP3 store beginning later this year. This news is being viewed by some as the latest volley in Amazon's digital music sales war with Apple's iTunes. Since Amazon has completed its plans to offer DRM-free music from all four major record labels (most recently, Sony and Warner), the global availability of the MP3s can only be excellent news for customers.

Policy Wonk Castigates Net Neutrality 322

Posted by Zonk
from the must-be-happy-today dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Tom Giovanetti, president of the Dallas, Texas based public policy think tank Institute for Policy Innovation envisions a chaotic world as a result of Net Neutrality. He says a flood of undiscriminated traffic to and from Youtube, Coldplay, and Victoria's Secret will bring down the Internet, leading to failures of IPTV, VOIP, and emergency services which depend on VOIP. Is he right or wrong?." From the article: "... government should be about fostering a dynamic and risk-taking economy, not preserving the certainty of anyone's business models. Net neutrality regulations would severely restrict broadband providers' right to enter into contracts and to try new business models while protecting the business models of Google and Ebay." Compare this with George Ou's commentary on this subject from yesterday.

Google Releases Google Browser Sync Extension 389

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the good-to-go dept.
Pneuma ROCKS writes "Google has just released the Google Browser Sync extension for Firefox. This extension allows you to save your bookmarks, history and passwords on Google servers, effectively giving you a 'roaming profile,' which you can sync on any computer running Firefox (and the extension, of course)."

Slashback: ODF Wars, Duval Layoff, French DRM 274

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the changing-the-world-one-commitee-at-a-time dept.
Slashback tonight brings some corrections, clarifications, and updates to previous Slashdot stories, including a response from Mandriva's CEO, Apple responds to French DRM legislation, Microsoft possibly undermining ODF ISO approval, a more in-depth look at Fedora Core 5, more thoughts on the GPLv3, and Britannica strikes back at Wikipedia -- Read on for details.

UK Parliament to be Made Redundant? 607

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the politics-the-same-the-world-over dept.
caluml writes "The Guardian is reporting that the current UK government is trying to sneak a new law though in an innocuously named bill called 'The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill,' which would get rid of that pesky, interfering need to put laws to the Houses of Commons and Lords to approve. There is already the Parliament Act that can be used to force laws through, which was used recently for the hunting bill. " The original coverage is a bit old but the bill is still being tossed around in parliament. The text of the bill is also available via the UK Parliament website.

Cosmic Radiation Speeds up Aging in Space? 218

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the space-raisins dept.
SpaceAdmiral writes "The Theory of Relativity tells us that the faster a person travels the slower time passes for that person relative to someone left on Earth. This means that traveling at high velocities in a spacecraft should reduce one's aging. However, recent research suggests that cosmic radiation may counteract that anti-aging effect. Iron-nuclei radiation affects the aging of cells, which is possibly one of the reasons astronauts who have been to the Moon tend to get cataracts about 7 years earlier than other astronauts."

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