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Comment: Re:The search for yield (Score 1) 939 939

On a side note, I've had the opportunity to try to purchase some REO properties in my region. It turns out a lot of the forces buying up REO properties from HUD and the banks are groups like "Selene Real Mortgage Opportunity Fund" (SRMOF) and those like them, and they are by-and-large driven by the same folks who brought us the 2008 crash. In other words, they're double-dipping in the communal sauce.

Comment: Re:What else do you need? (Score 2) 296 296

In fact, to support your comments about Javascript, in the FreeSWITCH project, we have a VoIP softswitch that can directly interact with Javascript using mod_v8 (used to be spidermonkey), and can also interact with lua, perl, and other languages - scripted, compiled, managed, etc. in a similar fashion.

Comment: Re:$100,000,000 (Score 1) 205 205

You must be new here. :-) The telcos have "gentlemen's agreements" where they mostly collaborate to not rock the boat too much for anybody else in it. It's rare that some company really creates waves. Question: What's the most expensive bit of data to the telco? Answer: The one they didn't collect a fee on.

Comment: $3.2 mil in savings? For voicemail? (Score 3, Interesting) 395 395

I have to question those numbers. Perhaps if you're in the stone age paying for a voicemail per-seat license per year or something like that, sure. But you're still doing it wrong. Voicemail is pretty damn cheap to run and doesn't cost much in storage space either (look at those AMR sound files that some cellphone providers save their voicemails in that your Android phone then downloads).

Comment: Re:Social mobility was killed, but not this way (Score 1) 1032 1032

Universities have gladly contributed to the concept that everybody needs a college education to work. Sorry, I'm going to agree with Mike Rowe on this one: you don't need a degree to keep track of my schedule or answer my phone calls for me. In fact, I'd guess that anywhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of all office type of jobs don't require a degree for competency either.

Comment: Re:This is total nonsense (Score 1) 387 387

Ya know, lots of written languages in the world have no cursive equivalent. Those folks seem to do quite well without that b.s. "important to the development of young brains" cursive writing. In fact, many of them seem to do much better than we do with our dying cursive (haven't used it myself in over 2 decades).

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