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Comment Re:If you owe someone... (Score 1) 442

You've obviously not met Donald Trump before... and again, this is not about private debt, it's about punitive fees and fines. Take for example a speeding ticket in Los Angeles, CA: That $80 speeding ticket, after all fines are added, it's more around $285-300. And you cannot "cry poor" - the best that they'll do is let you pay $5 a month until it's paid off. Now I know we're talking TX here, but you can end up with owing the gov't something as equally retarded there as you can in CA.

Comment Re:If you owe someone... (Score 2) 442

Owing someone is different than owing a punitive debt, and having to decide between "do I eat more than ketchup packets and saltine crackers for the next week and pay this fine?" These types of arrangements between the police and the private sector have been shown again and again to keep the poor in a perpetually poor state. See John Oliver's episode about this.

Comment Re: oversupply of labor (Score 1) 214

I think Weird Al wrote a song about you... It's called "When I Was Your Age"... You did it and your family did it, and everything's peachy keen and there was never any opportunity cost to any decision made so it must be fitting for everybody in this country, or else they're lazy people scampering away from the Langoliers... Now are we going to get with the program and be a part of the Big Picture?

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 2) 555

Ignoring the hypothetical scenarios, the question boils down to this: what do we actually gain from all the added complexity that this tech will add to the gun? Is the perceived increase in safety only nominal or is it substantial? Does DRM for a gun make the gun more or less useful? I'd say that that DRM for a gun always makes it less useful, EVEN if it stops a perp from stealing a gun and using it against the owner.

Perhaps we should just start calling a spade a spade here. It's not "smart gun technology", it's DRM for your gun.

Comment Re:There is only one goal (Score 1, Informative) 555

If you spent half the time that you did on your sarcasm, you'd have researched this. The special ring spoken about is a specific magnetic device, and it is currently available on certain models of guns. It's not RFID or anything else. Just a simple magnet, and would work on any model made by the same company. (It isn't specific to a certain gun.) Personally, I like to keep magnets away from my computers and handheld devices...

Comment Re: RF? (Score 1) 935

Perhaps you should be asking the question of "why". And I don't mean the one that leads you to the overly simple answer of "guns are easy to get". We have higher ownership than in the 1990's and half of the overall homicide rate in the USA that we did in the 1990's...

Comment Re:Looking for ideas - what's the answer? (Score 1) 935

The best you can do is mitigate. Just like the best you can do against terrorists is mitigate as well. There will ALWAYS be somebody who murders and ALWAYS be somebody who attempts to terrorize. The difficulty is finding that spot where you don't infringe on normal, law abiding citizens rights while you're mitigating. And I'm putting my money on it that if "smart gun" tech becomes so ubiquitous as for LEO's themselves to use them, then it's only a matter of time where we get a situation where new guns are required to be only smart guns (similar to the post-1986 era rifles not being allowed to be fully automatic). The genie of the gun was let out of the bottle hundreds of years ago. There's no putting him back regardless of what laws are created.

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