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+ - IndyCar goes high(er) tech->

Submitted by misfit815
misfit815 writes: The newly-minted 2012 rules announced today ( will allow for anyone to build an aero package around Dallara's safety tub. Competition from engine manufacturers is also welcomed. But everyone's wondering who will show up for the party. Oh, and the announcement included a hologram. So, is this high-tech enough for the Slashdot crowd, or do you care?
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Data Storage

+ - SPAM: flash drive / mp3 player 1

Submitted by misfit815
misfit815 writes: Why is it that flash drives and MP3 players seem to be mutually-exclusive? I am shopping for both right now, and it would make the most sense for me to pick up a 2GB+ flash drive that has a built-in player. But when I shop around, the MP3 players all seem to support only certain file types and require something like WMP or another desktop app for synchronizing, while none of the flash drives have any audio playback functionality. Would it really be that hard to combine the two? Why would I want to buy two devices that are virtually the same thing?

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