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Comment: Re:Again with the girls? (Score 1) 191

Why is there no similar push in any other field (think firefighter/truckdriver/constrution)

I think it is across the board (of course only when male numbers are "too high"). Female-owned construction companies are preferred for government contracts, and the NYC fire department just eliminated physical performance tests since not enough women could pass. It's probably happening now because the tipping point of unmarried female voters has been reached, from now on they are simply going to vote themselves entitlements. The writers of the Constitution weren't just being jerks when they didn't give women suffrage

Comment: Re:Of course (Score 1) 81

by misexistentialist (#48538669) Attached to: GCHQ Does Not Breach Human Rights, Judges Rule
Prisons are filled with drug offenders, hard to see what justice has to do with it. It's about the convenience of the state, even in basic cases like murder, innocent people are grabbed so that the case can be closed. And of course if you are considered an enemy of the state it follows no constraints

Comment: Re:Religion is the last straw (Score 0) 289

by misexistentialist (#48490515) Attached to: Gilbert, AZ Censors Biology Books the Old-Fashioned Way

desperately trying to find employment in Europe

Desperately indeed, since the European economy is based on fantasies more absurd than any religion, which being formulated in primitive times, are closer to the natural order than ideologies developed in highly artificial urban environments.

Comment: Re:Flip Argument (Score 1) 1128

by misexistentialist (#48457863) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting
You're skipping the part where the cop initiated twice, backing his car up and engaging from the seated position, and then getting out of his car after he was clearly outmatched. He drew his gun in a fistfight before his life was threatened, then he initiated an armed pursuit after the fight was over. If you could see yourself following this sequence of actions you are either dumb or crazy, and without a badge you would get 20 years, Wilson would get on the stand and say what a danger to the community you are.

Comment: Re:Perspective (Score 1) 338

the "I'm alright Jack, screw you" attitude of a *lot* of people - weirdly enough those who often really *aren't* alright,

You hear this line from many comfortable people, who being set for life, are eager to screw over everyone else with high taxes and regulations to make themselves feel even more superior. If you think you have too much sell your house and give the money to charity. Nah, your humanitarianism will look more like imposing a 25% VAT on toilet paper and doubling the price of gas for the good of the little people. Businesses cut back on hiring, can't afford anything extra in life after taxes to support government bureaucrats making 300% the average income, but thanks for the free healthcare, almost as good as they get in prison!

1 Billion dollars of budget deficit = 1 Gramm-Rudman