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Comment Re:It's fine to teach creationism (Score 1) 318 318

who cares if we can spot idiots. a zillion people spotted president bush as an idiot, yet he still was able to fuck our country long and hard, with no end in sight.

Yes, obviously. Just like Obama has single handedly delivered the country from all its ails and hasn't added onto the burden it's under....Oh wait...

And Congress definitely has nothing to do with the poor performance of the country, every educated person knows that the president is the sole savior and decision maker for the country....Oh wait....

I'm in absolutely in no way defending or trying to support Bush's decisions, it just irks me when anyone blames everything wrong with the country on the executive branch. There is a system of checks and balances, that keeps any one branch from being able to destroy the country on its own. Democrats blame whatever republicans they can, when its a republican president of course he gets the blame. Now we're in a cycle of having a democrat for a president so the republicans are doing the same thing. The biggest problem is that politics in the US have nothing to do with anything that truly matters or what the people really want. It only has to do with whatever emotionally charged issue the politicians can piggy back on and try to get people's dander up, over. Then the sheeple follow whichever side shouts the loudest and sounds anywhere close to favoring their idea on something. Not mentioning all that pork legislation that gets thrown in to the mix. The few people left in the voting pool that can think for themselves, rather than regurgitating the left's/right's line of the day, don't have enough clout on their own to elect officials that can think for themselves. Of course on the off chance one of the politicians that doesn't just tow a party line gets into office, they either fold and begin to tow the line or they become ostracized by their respective party and get buried by the media and/or voted out during the next election cycle.

Getting back on topic, a solid education that deals with actual science would get a great bolstering from better instruction regarding civics and government. That won't every carry any weight though, because the political machine is perfectly happy with sheeple, they know their positions would be in jeopardy if there was an electorate that was educated and informed, rather than being baited into voting for this fuckhead or that.

Comment Re:So sue them. (Score 2) 318 318

If you don't want your kids exposed to religiosity and pseudo-"science", put them in private school or move out of state. It's not the parents that don't want their kids exposed to "intelligent" design and creationism that should have to be putting their kids in private school. It's the ones that do want their kids exposed to that non-sense. If a school is publicly funded (i.e. a state school/institution), there is no reason why religious dogma in any of it's forms should be allowed to be taught. That's the biggest problem with all of this sort of non-sense, it changes the wall of separation, which should be a nice impenetrable wall, though it unfortunately hardly ever is. Into a very slight bump in the road, if it even amounts to that much. God(s) and religion need to be kept out of science, out of government and out of education in general, but since there will always be private religious schools, the least that can be done is to keep it out of public school.

Submission + - Open source tool for test engineers->

Jason Hibbets writes: The Obsidian project, an open source unit test generator built for the JUnit framework, has been in development for two years at the College of Charleston's Cyber Infrastructure Research and Development Lab for the Earth Sciences (CIRDLES). The project employs a set of design patterns that are built around a method test's necessities for compilation, exception handling, and test case iteration.
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Submission + - How to expunge Google products from your life->

concealment writes: Recently, Google announced their decision to shut down Google Reader. This latest step in opposition to an open Internet in favour of Google+ has led me to a decision of my own. It's time to expunge Google from my life, to the fullest extent practical.

It's not because Google chose to shut down a free service they were offering, or because of privacy concerns. It's because I think that Google is now working against the potential of the open Internet, and because I think that one gets a better product when one is the customer as well as the user.

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Submission + - The forgotten MACRO language of HTML, XBL-> 1 1

tvlinux writes: The web is becoming more than just a media display, there is more interaction and more special things that need to be done. Right now jquery is the preferred method of very dynamic user interface. There is a W3 standard called XBL2.0. It is the macro language of the html. To me it seems like a great idea, Reusable HTML widgets where each one is a separate object contained with in it self. You can define properties, methods, events, each that is self contained.
If the browsers supported XBL2, I can vision a whole ecosystem of new widgets, charts, grids and inputs that people could add to web pages just like any other HTML element. I see less experience developers be able to create fancy websites by just using DOM and not having to learn jquery.
My question is WHY is XBL dead? I think a MACRO language for HTML is a good idea.

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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Do you want a smartphone that can fit in your pocket?

gaiageek writes: By means of an online petition, popular mobile phone website GSMArena is looking for support in their quest to get Android manufacturers to buck the trend and produce devices with flagship specs in a pocket-friendly form factor. Are you also annoyed that the high-end smartphones have gotten so big?

Submission + - Hackers Using Brute-Force Attacks to Harvest WordPress Sites

Trailrunner7 writes: Months of distributed denial of service attacks against major U.S. banks have evolved in magnitude and ferocity causing service disruptions for online banking customers. They’ve also shown the way for other attackers to adapt and evolve techniques used in those attacks.

Apparently, someone is building a formidable botnet of compromised WordPress accounts that is likely to be used in a much larger attack, some experts are speculating. Similar to some of the late-stage bank DDoS attacks that used Web servers to generate unprecedented levels of traffic targeting online banking services, this WordPress botnet could be as disruptive.

Attacks against WordPress sites began last week, when some Web hosts and security experts reported brute-force attacks against administrative credentials using a combination of “admin” as a user name, and a list of common passwords. Compromised sites built on WordPress would notice slower back-end operations, log-in difficulties, or downtime.

Submission + - Ignore your dull family, says new Facebook Home ad->

plastick writes: Admit it, your family is just awful. Your Facebook friends are more important and interesting, says a new Facebook ad.

You know those self-centered, self-regarding people who just have to look at their cell phones during dinner? Facebook loves them. Facebook admires them. Facebook wants to promote them.

This thrust toward spiritual progress is the company's latest ad for Facebook Home...

Oh, all families are awful, aren't they? They insist on imposing emotional control upon you. They tell you what to do, what to think, what to believe, and which lover to toss down the chute of despair. And what do you get in return? Food, that's what. Yet Facebook wants you to believe that your Facebook friends are your real family. Yes, those people whom you hardly talk to, hardly remember, or hardly even know.

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Submission + - Supernova left its mark in ancient bacteria->

ananyo writes: Sediment in a deep-sea core may hold radioactive iron spewed by a distant supernova 2.2 million years ago and preserved in the fossilized remains of iron-loving bacteria. If confirmed, the iron traces would be the first biological signature of a specific exploding star.
Scientists have found the isotope iron-60, which does not form on Earth, in a sediment core from the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean, dating to between about 1.7 million and 3.3 million years ago. The iron-60, which appears in layers dated to around 2.2 million years ago, could be the remains of magnetite chains formed by bacteria on the sea floor as radioactive supernova debris showered on them from the atmosphere, after crossing inter-stellar space at nearly the speed of light.

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Comment Re:Does not go too far enough! (Score 1) 461 461

WARNING: This food was derived from plants whose genomes were MUTATED from the single-cell ancestor of all living things

That would probably get the fundamentalist "Chrisitans"/young Earth creationists, to stop purchasing it. I mean after all the Earth has only been here for about 6000 years and all of the plants and animals were created exactly as they are and always have been. That evolution nonsense is just a lie to persecute them for their strongly held anti-intellectual beliefs.

Comment Re:I don't care, but think they should be labeled (Score 1) 461 461

I'm for food labeling too, as long as it's not takent to ridiculous extremes, such as having to write "WARNING: Contains Peanuts" on a bag of peanuts, or putting dietary information (calories, protein, etc.) on a bottle of pure water.

You mean the labeling that already takes place

Comment Re:The harm is in the use (Score 1) 461 461

have you ever deliberately chosen one product over another because it was fattier

All the time, I always choose 85/15, when it comes to ground beef, because the extra fat, provides extra flavor and I've never had a 'lean' burger that tasted anywhere near approaching good. If you've never chosen steaks, it's always best to choose a steak that has nice streaks of fat running through it, rather than one that is overly lean. All those beautiful white lines of marbling running through that steak are what help make it so god damned juicy and tasty. Unless of course you're one of those people that likes a well done (usually over done) steak with some ketchup.

Comment Re:Ignorance (Score 1) 461 461

If the day comes that there isn't enough meat to go around I'll just have to start eating people. I refuse to give up meat, already having to abstain from dairy is bad enough. On a side note, cannibalism, would help with the problem of food shortage, seeing as it would serve as a form of population control.

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