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+ - Google awaits approval for Siri replacement 'Voice Search'->

Submitted by sohmc
sohmc (595388) writes "Some time ago, Google admitted that the biggest threat was not other search engines but services like Siri. However, Google just bridged that gap with Google Voice Search, already available in Jelly Bean, but also available via downloadable app. Google also submitted this app to the iOS App Store and is currently waiting approval. However, Slashdotters are no doubt recalling to mind the "Google Voice" fiasco, in which Apple refused to allow it to appear, saying that it replaces a native function. It wasn't until Apple was brought before Congress to answer questions on how it approves or rejects apps that Google Voice was brought in."
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+ - Solar-Powered 3D Printer Robot Creates Buildings From Sand-> 4

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Stone Spray is a solar-powered robotic 3D printer that can create entire buildings out of sand. The robotic device blends soil sourced on-site with a binder and then sprays the mixture onto a surface. The soil solidifies as the machine works, allow it to create furniture, load-bearing walls and support-free sculptural shapes. The device runs on solar power, and unlike other 3D printers it has the ability to print in multiple directions on both the vertical and horizontal plane."
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+ - Ask Slashdot: Terms for community moderation?

Submitted by miruku
miruku (642921) writes "I'm creating a social news bookmarking site and looking for examples of good and bad practice on letting users tag or rate items and comments in a fashion similar to Slashdot moderation where comments can be assigned a category, rather than just voted up/down. Insights are welcome! Or, how would you change the Slashdot Moderation system if you could?"

Comment: More then one? Automated testing? (Score 1) 105

by miruku (#35464168) Attached to: Investigating the Performance of Firefox 4 and IE9

Ach, yet another up-to-date yet incomplete picture of what is going on with the latest browser speeds. Great they've done the work, but my head is starting to spin from all the recent related posts on this matter.

Is there not a site/service that compiles speed/etc info from automated tests on browser nightlies/etc? Surely it can't be that hard (for someone, unlike me, who can programme :)?

Comment: Pointers to all things Open (Score 4, Interesting) 239

by miruku (#35339678) Attached to: What Would You Do With

Make a site that is a great resource to all things Open. Not just software or hardware, but open culture, architecture, design, access, etc. Be educational yet very handy so as to better inform and enthuse users as to what communities and resources are out there and how they can participate, either globally or locally. Be a hub site to help join the dots and frame how fantastic the idea of Open is.

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