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Comment: This in a country riddled with problems. (Score 1) 137

by mirro_mx (#44459431) Attached to: The Physics of the World's Fastest Man
I know that this being news for nerds the main focus is going to be the tech or the physics related to the issue, but living in Mexico and seeing all the different ways research by such an institution could be better spent on more productive endeavors, the article just kinda irritated me.

Comment: Any kind of publicity is good publicity. (Score 1) 608

by mirro_mx (#36987890) Attached to: Spiderman's Politically Correct Replacement
Just off the top my head I can think of a latino superhero ( Araña ) and two homosexual ones (Apolo and Midnighter from the Authority) and I'm pretty sure that anyone who's more of a comic book enthusiast than me can think of many more. Superheroes who are minorities are nothing new so to me the article is either a) just the typical sensationalist ploy to improve readership from whom ever posted the article or b) Marvel tooting their own horn to sell more copies of the book. All publicity at the end of the day.

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