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Comment: Re:But the case hasn't even started! (Score 1) 119

by mirix (#48413197) Attached to: US Marshals Auctioning $20M Worth of Silk Road's Bitcoins

Could be. I know in Canada pennies are^Wwere only legal tender in groups of less than 25. (so you can't pay your income tax or parking tickets in pennies). I'm unsure if the US has a similar restriction?


(2) A payment in coins referred to in subsection (1) is a legal tender for no more than the following amounts for the following denominations of coins:

        (a) forty dollars if the denomination is two dollars or greater but does not exceed ten dollars;

        (b) twenty-five dollars if the denomination is one dollar;

        (c) ten dollars if the denomination is ten cents or greater but less than one dollar;

        (d) five dollars if the denomination is five cents; and

        (e) twenty-five cents if the denomination is one cent.

Comment: Re:Find a better excuse (Score 1) 89

by mirix (#48274751) Attached to: Pirate Bay Founder Gottfrid Warg Faces Danish Jail Time

Presumably he is going for worst case of injustice within the danish legal system in recent years. I imagine it's still a bit of a hyperbole though.

Denmark isn't some backwater where they execute people with room temperature IQ, or put them in jail for life for stealing three chocolate bars though, so maybe it isn't.

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by mirix (#48274679) Attached to: Cutting the Cord? Time Warner Loses 184,000 TV Subscribers In One Quarter

-1, bullshit. How does FUD like this get modded to +5?

Lead free solder had some process related growing pains and is slightly more difficult to use, but that's about it.

I suppose my 6 year old lead free cell phone should have died from microfractures by now huh. or my motherboard. or my TV. or dishwasher. or basically anything electronic made in the last decade.

"They don't make 'em like they used to" is generally a fallacy. Survivor bias. (and I love old stuff).

My NES still works as poorly as it did 25 years ago.

Comment: Re:Why is it a 'sale' ? (Score 3, Interesting) 31

by mirix (#48230879) Attached to: FCC Postpones Spectrum Auction Until 2016

The licenses are transferable, and give the right to use the spectrum. How is that different than the spectrum itself? It's a fiction so of course it's a license and not the 'physical' aether.

The problem for me is, instead of a lease going back to the state, which then leases the spectrum to someone else... some firm profits handsomely from selling a license for a fictional monopoly on a common good. That's kinda fucked.

I absolutely understand the need for licensing, else there would be mayhem. But it could be done in a better way. I guess it's the same idea as $1M taxi medallions. Those should be leased and non-transferable too.

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by mirix (#48229371) Attached to: FTDI Removes Driver From Windows Update That Bricked Cloned Chips

there is a standard. CDC.

ftdi stuff oddly mostly doesn't use it. But the other common ones (PL2303, CP210x, CH340, etc) do. I've wrote programs for AVR and STM32 that support it as well, plug and play in linux. I think windows still needs an inf, which is sort of counter productive though...

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by mirix (#48118705) Attached to: Liking Analog Meters Doesn't Make You a Luddite (Video)

I was thinking more in terms of replacing simple electro-mechanical systems with more complicated transistorized ones. Not adding excessive touch logic BS to stoves :)

For example, prior to the early 60s, cars had generators. No silicon in them at all. The voltage regulator was basically two relays, and a bit of electro-mechanical trickery. very simple. If one contact failed, stuck on, a parked car would kill it's battery, if the other stuck on it would overcharge the battery when running.

Generator output had to go through the brushes, as there were no diodes available, so the commutator was used instead. In an alternator, only the exciter current goes through the brushes, which ride on sliprings and wear substantially less. (both because there are no gaps in a slipring, and because the current is minuscule compared to output current).

The cost to this was 6 diodes for the output, and a few transistors worth of voltage regulator. More complicated... but the result is greatly increased power for the same size, greatly reduced service interval, etc.

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