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Comment Three cheers for selfishness! (Score 1, Interesting) 56

It works at three levels: 1. Selfish ... It's fine for people to play the game at level one, because they are also helping others learn and work their way up the skill ladder

Wow - that is a really cool observation. Atwood just went way up in my estimation for expressing this.

Comment IMHO that's good (Score 4, Insightful) 97

Personally, I think the anonymity of people in massive cities is the source of many of the problems of city life.

A lot of urbanites poo-pooh the closed-minded clannishness of small town life, but part of the VALUE of this life (I live in a MN town of 1500) is that people know each other. They know each others' families, they know their histories.

If you're an asshole, people know it and will remember it. So you make SURE you don't act like an asshole. Cities? You'll likely never see that person again, so who gives a shit?

Comment Re:Sorry guys, Israel doesn't care what you think. (Score 1) 482

I read the freaking summary and it mentioned Israeli soldiers executing people, so I'm not sure how that's not the topic of the OP. Maybe you are asserting that the summary is inaccurate and doesn't match the article? If that's your argument it would make more sense if you would assert that explicitly so we can follow.

Comment Re:Typical (Score 1) 384

If you ever want to slum it, I've found myself quite happy with Sennheiser CX-150s (2 for $30 special on Newegg). Those are my most expensive set. My others are neon-green Panasonic RPHJE120G, $6 each. When sitting at work listening to music or podcasts, the Sennheisers are slightly better than the cheap Panasonics. When mowing the lawn or working outside, it really doesn't matter except that the seal with the ear needs to be tight.

I'm happy to report that I don't have golden ears :)

Comment Re:Real bad news (Score 1) 384

Standby time on larger devices will be excellent. There is plenty of room for a battery and the non-screen electronics draw the same amount as the smaller phones. My problem is that I don't like phones with 5" screens, let alone phablets or tablets. I want something that I can stick in my rear jeans pocket and sit on like a wallet.

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