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Comment: Re:Original IPCC report said 10 countries make 70 (Score 1) 141

by WindBourne (#46776395) Attached to: Pollution In China Could Be Driving Freak Weather In US
And yet, that is a joke. China emits more than 1/3 of the CO2 emissions in the world today. America is below 15%. And Europe-OECD is actually ABOVE America. The problem is, that IPCC normalizes in bizarre fashions. The idea that CO2 emissions are compared in a national way is a joke. Germany's emission are climbing fast and yet, total emissions are below America. Many nations in Europe are fairly low, and yet, in terms of CO2 / $GDP, they are monster high.

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by operagost (#46772001) Attached to: San Francisco's Housing Crisis Explained

The national average for gasoline was over $3/gallon for 10 months under Bush.

The national average for gasoline has been over $3/gallon for 3.5 years under Obama.

The dive well below $2 in 2008 was anomalous due to the shrinking economy. Likewise, however, was the anomalous rise over $4 for three months before that crash. The recovery point around $2.61, before the Democrats' crony-enriching "stimulus", was more reflective of the real value. Today's is partially a reflection of Obama's misguided economic policies.

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by operagost (#46768819) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

At the time, there were limited means of communication (you took days to distribute a pamphlet) vs. being able to post on your blog within minutes or call into a radio or TV show.

Further, newspaper, book, and word of mouth were about all there were. The most literal interpretation of that 1st amendment means I could possess radio stations, TV stations, web sites, and if I were wealthy enough, my own cable network. In short, the 1st amendment favors the rich because they can speak as freely as they want. Not very equal, is it?

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Where's Lakoff's citation of people who suggest beating babies with sticks? Dobson suggests spanking babies, but that implies the hand just as well.

I'm not even sure how the opinion of one person even matters. I can quote Mao or Kim Jong-Il and claim that represents the opinions of every socialist.

1 Billion dollars of budget deficit = 1 Gramm-Rudman