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Comment Re:Already There (Score -1, Troll) 414

"I live in zero fear. Do you "live in fear" because you buckle a seatbelt in a car? No, you do so just as a precaution."

Very few people are killed by criminals carrying seatbelts.

I don't carry a gun around with me because I don't live in some fantasy wild-west world where having a shoot out is going to have any kind of good outcome.

Comment Re:Already There (Score 2, Insightful) 414

"You already live in that world. The only question left is if every sane and law abiding citizen should also be able to get a gun to protect themselves."

Maybe you do.

If you live in so much fear you feel the need to protect yourself with a gun you may want to consider moving to a more civilized part of the world.

To many people guns are things you see on television, or occasionally carried by specially trained armed response police.

Comment Re:choice doesn't *require* bad defaults (Score 2) 361

"So either apps don't get written for android or if they do blah blah blah belm"

Lol. Nice troll there Ian.

"Android's Google Play store has just officially reached over 1 million apps and it is now finally outgrown the Apple App Store and its 900 000 applications."

I suppose you think PC software has to be tested on every individual PC in the world too?

Insightful my arse.

Comment Re:linux has bugs? (Score 3, Insightful) 280

Yet you still choose it as the base OS to run your appliance on. Presumably it's still better than any of the alternatives.

All software has bugs. I'm sure plenty of device drivers written in brightly lit offices by people with smart haircuts and shiny shoes have some absolutely horrific code too. I doubt which floor you work on has any significant effect.

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