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Comment: total non-story - it's not a custom driver (Score 1) 136

by minimis (#26148435) Attached to: Realtek's Wireless Driver Drives Thoughts of an Apple Netbook

I have the same driver and utility installed on my old powerbook which has Belkin WiFi PC card, I bought it as a replacement for one that broken by my son.

Belkin previously used Broadcom chips which are supported by Airport software, but switched to Realtek without changing the model number.

The Courts

+ - School girls' science catches out GSK's Ribena

Submitted by anonymous_echidna
anonymous_echidna (1019960) writes "The NZ herald reports that pharmaceutical and food company GlaxoSmithKline has been fined NZ$217,500 for breaches of the fair trading act, for falsely claiming vitamin C content that Ribena didn't have. The discrepancy came to light three years ago when two fourteen-year-old school girls conducted a science experiment to test the vitamin C content of various juice drinks, and found the vitamin C content of Ribena to be much lower than expected. Fobbed off by GSK, they continued to pursue the issue, finally alerting the Commerce Commission, leading to the action in the Aukland District Court.

Full story at: =3&objectid=10431119"

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