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Comment: Re:Kickstarter skeptics eat your heart out (Score 1) 300

Since the OR was mainly a "close to eye" usable screen with other stuff bolted around it I suspect that Facebook either found some patent in the bundle that will mean they get a cut of Google Glass or is something they think they need or can use to develop their own Glass equivalent... possibly along with a Facebook phone.

I am sad.


Religion Is Good For Your Brain 529

Posted by timothy
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Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes "Sheila M. Elred writes in Discovery Magazine that a recent study has found that people at risk of depression were much less vulnerable if they identified as religious. Brain MRIs revealed that religious participants had thicker brain cortices than those who weren't as religious. 'One of the worst killers of brain cells is stress,' says Dr. Majid Fotuhi. 'Stress causes high levels of cortisol, and cortisol is toxic to the hippocampus. One way to reduce stress is through prayer. When you're praying and in the zone you feel a peace of mind and tranquility.' The reports concluded that a thicker cortex associated with a high importance of religion or spirituality may confer resilience to the development of depressive illness in individuals at high familial risk for major depression. The social element of attending religious services has also been linked to healthy brains. 'There's something magical about socializing,' says Fotuhi. 'It releases endorphins in the brain. It's hard to know whether it's through religion or a gathering of friends, but it improves brain health in the long term.'" (Read more, below.)

Goodbye, Google Voice 166

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itwbennett writes "The trouble with Google Voice is that the way we use phones has changed — and it hasn't kept up with the times: 'Fewer people have a mobile phone and a business line and a home line that might make One Number For All so. Text message costs (which are actually close to nothing) are almost always bundled into contract costs. Automatic voice transcription, while still a mean feat, is no longer such a magic trick,' writes Kevin Purdy in a blog post explaining why he's breaking up with Google Voice. The main problem is that, despite some very cool features, Google Voice doesn't play well with others — even apps in its own family. And it doesn't look as though that's going to get better anytime soon." I've been very happy with Google Voice for a few years now, and one reason is the transcribed voice messages, which may get hilariously garbled sometimes, but are almost always correct enough to be useful.

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by mindwhip (#46391463) Attached to: The Next Keurig Will Make Your Coffee With a Dash of "DRM"

Hundred or so? Why not be nice and install a decent quality vending machine with subsidised (even free) coffee? Not only does it mitigate the fire risks no one ever gets the chance to complain that someone before them took the last cup and didn't make more...

And as for quality there are some really good machines out there that are better than some local coffee houses (assuming you fill it with a decent coffee)

Comment: My prefered sort... (Score 0) 195

by mindwhip (#46378587) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do You Sort?

These are the steps I use to sort stuff...
1. Extract hard drive from computer that needs sorting.
2. Insert it into working Linux system and copy all user files that need to be kept to a directory
3. Reinstall the hard drive back into the non booting computer
4. Reinstall windows on the broken computer (or use the factory reset if it has one)
5. Transfer the needed files via a samba share to the now sorted computer.
6. Snoop through my co-workers files and post the funny ones on the internet. (optional)
7. Collect reward, and bask in the glory of being called a miracle worker and saving all those (interchangeable) photos of co-worker children etc while giving (pointless) lecture on making backups.

There are variants of this that involve using live CDs and USB drives or only doing step 4 but these can cause unwanted complications that I prefer to avoid and often result in skipping some or all of step 7.

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by mindwhip (#46278991) Attached to: Windows 8 Metro: The Good Kind of Market Segmentation?

Nice try but while it is possible to admin the server itself (and any MS services) via powerscript and no GUI sometimes the (often legacy or at the very least not metro) 3rd party software the server is there to host can't be configured/run without one.

Also add into the mix development servers and developers that are being paid to integrate and extend the 3rd party software and not spend half their time writing one time scripts (or waiting days for a sever admin to approve that script depending on the local policy) to correct a trivial problem that their code created during testing that could be easily resolved with half a dozen clicks in a GUI with a limited access account.

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by mindwhip (#45822899) Attached to: Mars One Selects Second Round Candidate Astronauts

You all do realise that this is probably just a Reality TV hoax right? along the same lines as

Likely they will 'train' the winners then put them in a 'ship' with no windows and which happens to have gravity due to the 'acceleration' needed and film them with 100 hidden cameras...

They may even 'land' them in an isolated desert somewhere for a while...

Comment: It's only a proposed contract... (Score 1) 90

by mindwhip (#45551771) Attached to: Wants Participating Students' Data For 7 Years

Anyway... Putting all the privacy/Evil Overlords/Brainwashing arguments aside it hasn't been signed by anyone under duress. It is really just a starting point for negotiations between the "entity" and In the corporate world you never sign anything without legal looking at it. If it is for something important (like this is) you always negotiate better terms especially when the other party needs you more than you need them ( needs the schools more than the schools need

The first contract isn't much more than a wish list by the one drafting it. Sometimes they only include unreasonable terms just so they have something to give up in discussions instead of something less extreme that they need more. If schools/districts/whoever sign up to this unmodified they need a change of management.

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