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Comment: This move makes no sense. (Score 1) 219

by mindwanderer (#44877431) Attached to: Auction Houses To Be Removed From <em>Diablo III</em>
The only reason I can think of for removing the auction house is if they wanted to do away with trading altogether, because old fashioned trading is just an extremely inconvenient auction house. Because I can't see them doing that, I am forced to conclude that they have changed the loot system so that you can rely on self-found gear. But if players are not forced to resort to the auction house in order to progress, then you cease to have a problem, so why remove this convenient feature?

Comment: Even bad profs will teach you a valuable lesson. (Score 2) 273

by mindwanderer (#44840137) Attached to: Study Shows Professors With Tenure Are Worse Teachers
Life is imperfect and unjust; quit your moaning, stay on your toes, and make the best of what you are given. If your tenured professor sucks (and for me, most of them did), pull your socks up and study by yourself or with friends. It all goes downhill from here so better get used to it.

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