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by miller701 (#46434207) Attached to: Can Science Ever Be "Settled?"

You make an excellent point. Giraffes also have the same type of selection pressures. People assumed that giraffes had long necks because it allows them to reach higher leaves. There's some truth to that but it's also true that male giraffes compete by pushing each other with their necks.

Anyone seeing a giraffe eat would make the first assumption, only someone seeing male giraffes during rut would notice the second.

Unlike the peacock, the long or thick neck may not hamper a male giraffe's viability

Comment: Re:Retail WoW is a joke and has been for some year (Score 1) 253

by miller701 (#46349335) Attached to: Blizzard To Sell Level 90 <em>WoW</em> Characters For $60

If you're not max level, mana is rarely an issue. Back in Cataclysm, 80-83 was pretty much like before, but then in the level 83 dungeons, mobs started hitting a lot harder and tank had bigger health pools. It's pretty much the same in Pandaria except 85-88 is easy 88-90 can be a kick in the seat.

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The reason for Flex raiding (10-24 characters) was if you had 12 people ready to raid, in the past 2 people had to sit out. Now you can invite the extra two and all get to play.
With 12 players instead of 10, the boss gets another 20% more HP and there's a 20% chance for an additional piece of gear to drop. They worked hard at avoiding breakpoints (the jump in difficulty from say 12-13 is not much, but due to mechanics 13-14 is a big jump)
In my book, Flex raids are a big success.

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