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Comment Re:It doesn't matter (Score 3, Interesting) 317

I don't see any problems with Windows 7. With my 8gigs RAM, it still uses 3.x GBs (including the browser, chat clients, video players) etc with more than half of of the memory still available for caching. The OS itself is working great. IIRC, uptill winXP, i had to do a clean install every few months to take care of all the slow downs/viruses - Vista was a breeze (still can't compute all the hate it got [yes, you had to run it on a bit faster machine but that's not the problem]) , win7 is a win.

Comment Re:In other words ... (Score 1) 333

I have some yahoo stock service running in the background all the time on SGS2.. Even though I've removed the widget. It keeps on eating cpu-cycles, Installing a custom ROM will fix it but I don't want to go through installing all my apps and 'setting up' all the menu-screens to my choice again.

Comment Re:Looser? (Score 5, Informative) 356

Being a Pakistan who knows all the BS the current government has been doing (or not doing) for the past 4 years. This is insane. They failed at everything else, there's daily power loadshedding/blackouts, 2,3 days a week CNG (gas) blackouts, loads of corruption. And then they come out with strange moves like this out of no where to divert people's attention. This was really uncalled for. The only thing that every teenager and college student texts almost once a day is prank/hate messages about the current corrupt president Zardari, I wouldn't be surprised if there was 'Zardari' listed somewhere in those words.

Comment Re:I am gonna start my own ask slashdot thread (Score 1) 488

Visa and Windows 7 especially, work great for longer periods without any issues. XP was the last problematic OS I used that tended to get corrupted or overly slow after specific periods. With Windows 7, Slow downs are a thing of the fast, the only slow down i notice is if i come back from a shutdown/reboot which I do like once a week [and mostly slow caz of my HDD, lack of SSD], otherwise going into and coming back from hibernate is a breeze and things are epicly fast. Although part of the speed might be due to my i5-2500k and 8gig ram

Microsoft Research Takes On Go 175

mikejuk writes "Microsoft Research has used F# and AI to implement a consumer-quality game of Go — arguably the most difficult two-person game to implement. They have used an interesting approach to the problem of playing the game, which is a pragmatic cross between tree search with pruning and machine learning to spot moves with a 'good shape.' The whole lot has been packaged into an XNA-based game with a story."

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