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Comment: Kill the gun control advocates (Score 0) 2987

by mike1214 (#42291503) Attached to: 27 Reported Killed In Connecticut Elementary School Shooting

I was listening to the local anti-American socialist/communist radio station, and they had the fat loudmouth Ed Schultz and his sycophant callers hollering about how we need to "stand up to the NRA" and ban guns. It's always the same "people" - the Left, who are always seeking more power for the State.

I for one think that anyone who advocates gun control or gun bans deserves to be killed. Any politician who tries to enact gun control legislation or gun bans as a result of this needs to be killed, preferably after being tortured.

Comment: Gimmiedats (Score 0) 1576

by mike1214 (#41906709) Attached to: Barack Obama Retains US Presidency

Given that the median voter is a Gimmiedat - non-Asian minorities and single, white female sluts voting for government largess, it's no surprise that Obama won.

Fortunately, as an entrepreneur and a member of the top one percent, I can always lay off all my employees and live comfortably while disposing of my wealth faster than the Leviathan can seize it, instead of creating businesses, employment, and actual tax paying entities.

I think I'll do that. It sucks to be Leviathan, because it could have gotten far, far more money if it had not been a bastard.

Hopefully decisions like mine will hasten the coming economic and social collapse.

Comment: My only regret about 9/11... (Score 0) 294

by mike1214 (#41424315) Attached to: Medicare Bills Rise As Records Turn Electronic

...was that more "people" who "think" like you weren't killed.

You want to solve the health care problem? Repeal EMTALA and the various laws that shift costs and shield pharmaceutical companies and health care providers from competition.

But you don't want that, because that would mean less power for the government, less power that sub-humans like you have over people like me.

Comment: Re:And if a hurricane wipes out the GOP... (Score 0) 503

by mike1214 (#41112669) Attached to: Hurricane Could Make a Mess of Republican Convention

Setting up terrorist death squad training camps whose product raped and murdered thousands including nuns?

They may have killed a few thousand, but they were at war against those like you - funded and supported from abroad - whose ideological compatriots had murdered millions.

Comment: Re:There are those of us who can see it coming (Score 0, Insightful) 397

by mike1214 (#40881159) Attached to: Mathematician Predicts Wave of Violence In 2020

It's the percentage of population that matters. Islam spreads primarily though violence. The borders of Islam are bloody. When Muslims are one to two percent of the population, you see sporadic violence and terror. When Muslims are five to ten percent of the population, full scale war sets in, as we see in as in Thailand and the Philippines, and the beginnings of which we are seeing in France.

Comment: Re:Regulation Has Its Place and a Limited Degree (Score 0) 158

by mike1214 (#40707301) Attached to: Al Franken Calls for Tight Rules on Facial Recognition Software

Technology is powerful, there's no way to argue with that. Look at the evolution of guns. Look at the advent of the Maxim gun. Do you think that the laws at the time covered cases where people start stockpiling automatic weapons?

As irrelevant to the Second Amendment as the Internet and instantaneous mass-communication is to the First. The purpose was to, at the very least, have military small arms in the hands of the citizenry. As a legal owner of one of the few full-auto Colt M16A2s manufactured and registered prior to May of 1986, I can tell you that the only practical use of automatic fire is for suppression. If you really want to kill someone, it's far more efficient to use aimed semi-automatic fire.

By the way, there were privately owned, heavily armed frigates around in the early days of the united States that were capable of doing quite a bit of damage.

Technology has the power to enable to the user past their original abilities and as such, yes, we do find ourselves forced to regulate certain extremes.

Facial recognition software does not fall anywhere near 'extreme'.

Comment: From a small business owner (Score 0) 2416

by mike1214 (#40480405) Attached to: Supreme Court: Affordable Care Act Is Constitutional

As a small business owner, a member of the top one percent, and as an investor in many other small businesses, I can say with certainty that we stopped hiring due to Obamacare.

The small business I run personally has around 50 employees. Since the employer mandate only applies to businesses over 50 employees, I'm seriously considering laying people off come 2014.

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