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+ - Open Hardware & Software Laptop

Submitted by mihai.todor85
mihai.todor85 (1663759) writes "It looks like Andrew "bunnie" Huang has been quite busy lately, developing a nice open hardware laptop. He was even kind enough to provide all the schematics without NDA. For anybody interested in owning such a device, he says that he "might be convinced to try a Kickstarter campaign in several months, once the design is stable and tested" if enough people are interested."

+ - Slashdot Style Twitter Accounts 1

Submitted by mihai.todor85
mihai.todor85 (1663759) writes "I was tempted to follow as many "geeky" people as possible on Twitter and, unfortunately, I've ended up abandoning my account because of all the "noise". I was interested in using it to get a more real-time and also succinct scoop of stuff that usually appears on @slashdot, but I ended up seeing mostly tweets about nonsense, since, in general, people tend to post useless ramblings, completely unrelated to their professional interests. Now, I'm thinking of trimming down most of the people I follow and start using it again, but who should I follow? I'm looking forward to seeing your suggestions in the comments."

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