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Comment: Re:Boo hoo hoo. (Score 1) 321

by miggyb (#33011546) Attached to: Study Finds 0.3% of BitTorrent Files Definitely Legal
It's the principle of the thing. If they complained when we made one copy in shoddy quality for a personal friend that we had to sneakernet over to their house, there is no hope for even trying to reason with them now that we can create perfect digital copies and share them en masse. Their "happy medium" is pay full price, every time, no refunds.

Comment: Re:It's better to have students that don't cheat (Score 1) 439

by miggyb (#32851526) Attached to: Colleges Stepping Up Anti-Cheating Technology
I bet you read through EULAs all the way through too, right? It's pointless to have that signature. I've considered what they would do to me if I just refused to sign it. Clearly that wouldn't be evidence enough that I had cheated or helped someone cheat, and even if it did they wouldn't be able to reprimand me since I didn't sign it. And if they can reprimand me for cheating without signing the honor code, then why do they have me sign it in the first place?

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