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Comment: Re:Senate approves international treaties (Score 1) 145

by microbox (#48445081) Attached to: Prospects Rise For a 2015 UN Climate Deal, But Likely To Be Weak
Yeah, I think that "skeptic" groups specifically target slashdot as a way to skew the conversation in their favor. "The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts." -- Russell

Comment: Deal is the opposite to what you think. (Score 1) 145

by microbox (#48445037) Attached to: Prospects Rise For a 2015 UN Climate Deal, But Likely To Be Weak
The deal is actually the opposite. America doesn't really need to do much to meet Obama's target. The natural market-driven growth of renewables will do it, so long as the GOP doesn't play pick the winners and losers by slapping regulations. (*cough* Kansas *cough*). It may well cost the US consumer $0. China, on the other hand, is deploying huge amounts of new energy, and will fundamentally need to shift their plan in order to have emissions peak in 2030. But they want to do it anyway, since -- pollution, and they will be at the bleeding edge of renewables technology with will own carbon by 2030. Heck, wind is already price parity with coal, and solar is dropping fast. See Levelized cost of electricity by source. And I say all of this knowing that you cannot understand it, because you are a "skeptic" with the "truth". (Somehow not a contradiction -- but that's human nature for you.)

Comment: Single-year does not make a decadal trend. (Score 1) 145

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A single year does not a trend make. It's a decadal trend. Average the temperatures on a decadal basis, and you will see that there was never an abatement from warming. Furthermore, most of the heat (90+%) goes into the oceans, which makes them rise (because they expand) and the signal is much less noisy. No abatement there either. And besides, 1998 wasn't the hottest year on record -- that's is an ambiguous statement -- and it was hot because of a record El Nino. The next record El Nino will blast 1998 to bits, unless there is some mitigating circumstance such as huge volcanic eruptions in the same year. And I say all of this fully aware that you cannot possibly understand it -- being a "skeptic" and all.

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Without. See levelized cost of electricity by source for more information. The formulas are complicated (because the world is complicated) so do some reading to figure out what is going on with them. If you have been watching these numbers for a few years -- as I have -- fossil fuels are in big trouble. They're already crying to the government to bail them out. It won't be long until box stores, data centers and factories switch. I think the big change-over will come around 2020. Obama's deal with China was really pretty cheap on his part. The chinese will actually have to do some work.

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