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Journal: jumping on the bandwagon

Journal by mickeyreznor

This page'll be going back to my webpage soon, for a couple reasons(mostly as an excuse to start doing some more php work again), but while i love slashdot's journaling system, there are a few complaints i have about it

Not enough topic icons
Can only view 10 most recent topics
Can only play around with fonts a little bit
Can't add anything fun.
Only people who have /. accounts can comment

Anyway, i'll be moving back to my homepage, now that my cable modem has ceased to come up with any problems, and that I will be heading back to an ethernet connection at college in jan, hosting myself will not lead to any problems with stuff going down.

Cya later, it's been fun here. The log will be here when it is done(you'll get a 404 until it's done). I guess I can't seem to settle on one thing for too long....


Journal: home page

Journal by mickeyreznor

home page now in php completely. still need to work out some kinks on it. i'd rather not be in work the next 2 days... oh and i finished noir.


Journal: Yuck.

Journal by mickeyreznor

A long while ago(before fall began, i recall), i said that it was very likely that my family would be moving into a new house. Now, thanks to our shitty realtor, I don't know if that's going to happen anytime soon. She has done a really terrible job of trying to get people to come to the house as of lately, but she's played the cards right so we can't dump her for another realtor legally. Score another one for the fuckehead brigade.

On another note: farewell devin, and best of luck to you.

The Internet

Journal: Woo!

Journal by mickeyreznor

The cable modem is back on-line. Apparently the cable guy said the pole one of the poles by our house got fucked. We suspect our neighbors in front of us damaged it while they were trying to setup their directtv dish. What fuckheads.


Journal: BGDA-related goodiness

Journal by mickeyreznor

Well, that settles it. I am absolutely definitely getting a playstation sometime around christmas time. I just hope they drop the price just a little bit before then. I don't know what games to get for it. I'd like to get Metal Gear Solid 2, but it's going to be sold out by the time i get around to buying it. I'm definately going to get Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance though. I don't know what else to get. Here are the candidates:

Grand Theft Auto 3(like)
Devil May Cry(maybe)
Capcom vs. SNK 2
Twisted Metal Black
FIFA Soccer 2002

I want 1 or 2 of the games listed above(in addition to BGDA). What do you all recommend?


Journal: grrr....

Journal by mickeyreznor

Another modem update. Apparently the node for our modem is busted as well. Well, now we gotta wait for the damn cable guy to come. No, TC on wednesday...


Journal: Blah...

Journal by mickeyreznor

well, my dad found out that the cable modem is busted. So, we ordered a new one over the weekened and it should arrive sometime tomorrow. Hopefully it'll arrive before the registration begins for TC tomorrow. Ugh, the timing on this mishap could probably not be worse. Dialup really blows.


Journal: Fucking cox and their ...

Journal by mickeyreznor

... fucking cable modem. Apparently my dad thinks the modem got busted somehow. Hopefully that means the problem will be solved by simply turning in the old one for a new one. And hopefully that means it'll be done soon and not by next thursday. The timing really fucking blows though. I've already missed 2 TC comps because of it.

Paul: Hopefully I'll get some work done on the "project".

The Internet

Journal: Coxsuckers!

Journal by mickeyreznor

Yesterday at about 11:00am(or so my sister tells me), the cable modem went down. It's now 2:00pm today and the cable modem is still not back up as of this writing. GGRRRRR! Fuck you Cox. Fuck you and your shitty service that goes down without warning.

As such my web page is inaccessible for the moment, and I cannot access my computer from work, with the latter annoying me quite a bit right now.


Journal: Horray for programming!

Journal by mickeyreznor

I had a lot of fun playing around with SDL today(thanks to the awesome book i got). It is a very impressive API. It takes all the ease of DirectX(and adds some) and then adds the greatness of portability. It has built in support for all kinds of graphic file formats, even JPGs and PNGs!! The only problems that I have been having for it is that there is no native 2D primitive graphic routines(you'd think a library that can display PNGs with ease would at least be able to make a colored rectangle??) and native font displaying. I found some code to do primitive functions(thereby saving me the trouble of having to write it myself), and I'm still looking for a good code for displaying fonts. Other than that this API has been quite a joy to work with. It won't replace OpenGL completely, but it's much better for doing 2d-related graphics programming. It even integrates itself with OpenGL somewhat, which is very cool, especially since i'd like to do a mix of 2d and 3d stuff. I don't think I'm going to even boot into win2k for the next few days(see my previous entry to know why)

Internet Explorer

Journal: IE please leave me alone!

Journal by mickeyreznor

IE is very annoying. Even though i set my default web browser to be Opera, IE still rears its ugly head every once and a while. You know, when i set something to be my default browser, I kinda expect nothing else to show up ever when I hit a link or something. Right Now, both outlook and AIM all open up IE when I hit a link there. It's getting really fucking annoying. It's like an ex-girlfriend that keeps on hounding you and hounding you to get back together again. Fuck off, IE. We broke up a long time ago and I have no intention of going back.

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