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Comment: Re:Musk brilliant engineer, marketing dumbass (Score 2) 122

by michelcolman (#47588075) Attached to: Elon Musk Promises 100,000 Electric Cars Per Year

The other auto makers already have this technology and are doing practically nothing with it. Elon thought the biggest risk to his company was other companies joining the race and pushing Tesla out of business. The opposite has happened, none of the big auto companies is really interested.

The problem is that, right now, electric cars are incredibly expensive to develop and produce. Lots of new technology is needed to make them efficient enough to have a practical range, and batteries are very expensive. The old auto companies have sure tried to make a few practical, sort of not too expensive small electric cars but few people were buying them because they were too expensive for what they offered. Elon's approach actually made a lot more sense:

1. Develop the basic technology by marketing a toy roadster car for very rich people with undoubtedly an enormous profit margin to pay back the development costs as quickly as possible and pave the way for the next car. Forget about the middle class, they are not going to pay 50% extra just to have an electric car. Rich people will gladly pay this and more for a "toy" to show off to their friends.
2. Using the money and gained credibility from that roadster, make a more practical model which is still very expensive but also desirable for the rich. Again, rich people is where the money is. They also don't care much about teething problems in the early cars because they are much too proud about showing off the technology and the incredible performance of their car.
3. Once you reach enough volume with these cars, start working on an actual, affordable car. With the volume of the earlier models, battery prices have come down and you can even afford building an enormous new battery plant. NOW building affordable electric cars becomes feasible.

In my humble opinion, this was a brilliant way of doing it. As long as electric cars are much more expensive than internal combustion engine cars, the masses simply won't go for them.

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by michelcolman (#47575655) Attached to: Nevada Construction Project Could Be Tesla/Panasonic Gigafactory

Well, at least it's one of them. I read they were already going to break ground in multiple locations while waiting for the final decision and approval. So this doesn't mean that the actual factory will be built there. Quite a bold trade-off, actually, wasting some money by starting to build in several places that may end up not being used, just to avoid having to wait for politicians to make up their minds. Elon doesn't like to waste time.

And who knows, those locations may end up housing gigafactories as well, just at a later time.

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Well, they just announced the new battery, they're not actually selling it just yet, but anyway, even if they're just below the record, with an ordinary production car that anyone with enough money can buy, I would expect a university team with a specially built car driving at constant speed to do way, way better.

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