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Comment Re:End anonymity for cash (Score 2) 158

And the funny thing is that Bitcoin is actually incredibly easy to monitor since the entire blockchain containing all transactions is public. I would imagine intelligence agencies actually love bitcoin. It gives the impression of anonimity (anyone can just make a new wallet without needing any kind of identification) but the money flows can easily be followed and as soon as someone uses the wallet to order a pizza, all the previous "anonymous" transactions for that wallet suddenly become tied to you.

The only problem for intelligence agencies are the tumblers, but merely using those can probably put you onto the list of suspicious people to be tracked. Receiving money from a tumbler is just as suspicious as carrying a bag full of cash. Not illegal, but suspicious anyway.

If it's intelligence they want, they should be encouraging Bitcoin.

Comment Re:First? (Score 2) 262

Your lack of reading skills is quite surreal, you know. Especially when you keep insisting you're right when you're obviously not. The words you added in square brackets are entirely your own fantasy yet you're using them to somehow "prove" your point?!

The (incorrect) summary of that article indeed says "the bike she was riding" but the actual text of the article (and any other source I've heard so far) makes it clear she did not actually ride that bike. After her chain broke, she "saw that bike standing there" (i.e. a different bike, not the one she was riding) and she didn't know how it got there. It belonged to a friend of hers, looked identical to her own, and was accidentally placed there by a mechanic who thought it was hers. She didn't know that her friend used a motor in his bike.

Now it's entirely possible that she's lying, and she did ride that bike on some other occasion during the season. But she never actually admitted to that.

By the way, I saw the actual interview in the original Dutch language, not some bad translation bordering on ambiguity. She clearly said she did not ride the bike. Her friend already apologized a hundred times for leaving his bike there. (That's not in the article, but was said in the actual interview).

Comment Re:webcam distro? (Score 1) 77

But why does a webcam have to run Linux? Why do even the simplest of devices need full blown operating systems? Can't they just program the thing for whatever it needs to do and nothing more? No wonder al these IoT-devices are full of security holes. These days, if you ask an engineer to make you an alarm clock, the first thing he'll do is slap some chips together and install Linux on it. I wish I were exaggerating.

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