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Comment: That's not what the blockchain is for (Score 4, Interesting) 46 46

The blockchain is already close to 40 GB in size, and now people want to store all sorts of other data (or metadata) in it. I can see this getting out of hand rather quickly.

Miners won't be able to store the entire chain anymore, so only a few archival nodes will still have it. Just how secure and accessible will your metadata be then?

Comment: Re:Google-fu (Score 3, Interesting) 424 424

The plus doesn't work very well anymore, half the result pages simply don't contain the word. They seem to use this as an indication that that word is slightly more important but not actually required. Which can be quite infuriating when you are searching for a specific site you know contains that word.

Comment: Re:quotation marks (Score 3, Interesting) 424 424

Well, for example, if you get something like

Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[UINavigationController setList:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x6a33840'

You can search for "Terminating app due to uncaught exception" NSInvalidArgumentException "unrecognized selector sent to instance"

(In this case, the search actually does appear to work correctly)

Usually, just copying and pasting some static part of the error message is quite helpful since others will have pasted the exact same words in some help forum.

Comment: Re:quotation marks (Score 5, Interesting) 424 424

That usually does improve things, but not always. I often still get results as if I hadn't used any quotes at all, even though exact matches do exist and are displayed further down. And even a "+" in front of a word often gives sites that don't contain the word at all. Tip for Google, if someone writes "+" in front of a word, that really really really means that they really really want that word to actually appear on the page. Really. I'd rather get no results at all than a bunch of sites that don't contain the word.

Comment: Re:Of course not. (Score 1) 307 307

In this case other countries with no reason to lie for the US have observed the landing sites too. Both China and Russia have photographed them from orbit.

No, they were just trying to fake their flights around the moon. "See, we really sent a probe around the moon, here's the proof, we've photographed the Apollo landing site!". In reality they just photoshopped a lander and craters on some sandpaper.

Comment: Re:That's Apple (Score 0) 78 78

O, yeah, when a flaw is found in iOS, you can just switch to Android and buy all the same apps you had on iOS. And then when another flaw is found in Android a couple of weeks later, you switch right back to iOS again. This time it's even easier because you only have to rebuy the apps you bought since the last switch. And if both platforms have open holes at the same time, well, just use an oldfashioned dumb phone for a while. Oh, you might even try a Microsoft phone (do they still make those?) for a while. See, plenty of options!

Same for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Just buy multiple versions of all the apps you use in the office and you're all set. Or maybe try Haiku, I hear it has zero exploits in the wild.

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