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Comment Re:Basic un-maths (Score 1) 176

Yes, it's just you. Everyone else understood that 8K doesn't just mean 8000 pixels per horizontal line (give or take a few) but also twice as many of those lines. Both horizontal and vertical resolution are doubled. We're not talking megapixels (that would be "M") but horizontal pixels.

Comment Re:What applications? (Score 1) 176

Apple found a pretty good solution to this. The retina displays use a coordinate system where integer coordinates correspond to double pixel boundaries. So with the same coordinates, everything looks the same size as before but just gets sharper. The size of menu bars, icons, etcetera is still the same number of "points" but twice as many pixels. Little or no programming effort required.

Comment Re:Ha. Let me explain why you're on this page... (Score 1) 396

Casey Spencer actually did 550 miles and ended at the starting point (if the comments below the article on are correct, because I couldn't find exact details on the route myself), so the initial downhill segment doesn't matter. But he did deactivate or turn down as much as possible everything that used even the smallest amount of power (climate control, radio, dimmed screens), overinflated the tires, and chose a favorable weather pattern with a strong tailwind in the last leg. And of course he only did 24 mph.

Anyway, I came here to write exactly what you wrote: Elon said that someone already did 800 km, so they should be able to break 1000 km in 2017 or so. To me it certainly sounded like he was talking about a similar hypermiling record, not real world performance. And since the record was done with an 85D while 90D is already available, they ought to already be able to achieve 937 km today. So it looks like they won't improve much in the coming years, 5 to 10% per year like he said.

Comment Re:Yes. So? (Score 1) 161

I wonder how that letter went. "Here's the software to cheat on the emissions test. Only use this for internal testing, not in production cars, wink wink..."

Oh, you want how many licenses for that software? A few million? No problem, but remember it's only for internal testing!

Comment Re:Fast (Score 2) 213

From Porsche, I would have expected better than "in five years we'll be able to make a car that has the same range and is almost as fast as the P85Ds that Tesla has been selling for almost a year." (Never mind the even faster ludicrous P90D).

About the only advantage would be the charging time, which is faster than Tesla's current crop of superchargers. But those have been improved several times over the last years, and with 5 years to go, I think it would be extremely unlikely for Teslas to still take more than 15 minutes to charge 400 km by then.

Comment Re:Computerworld explains what a bit is (Score 1) 48

Very clever article. They write some ridiculous bullshit about 36 bits being able to store 68 billion data points, so all the geeks and nerds start talking about how stupid those journalists are, meanwhile they have all seen the product and will remember it. When you see one of these new labels, you'll go "oh, I remember, that's the one where those idiots claimed it could contain so many data points with cryptography and all". If they would have just said "hey, we invented a new label that can store 36 bits", nobody would talk about it and it would be quickly forgotten. Negative publicity is good publicity.

Comment Re:Translated (Score 1, Insightful) 451

No, when stopping on non-compacted snow, the snow will build up in front of the locked wheels and improve braking. With anti-lock brakes, you roll over the snow so it doesn't build up in front of the wheels and your stopping distance actually increases.

In most other conditions (dry, wet, ice,...) a good ABS system does indeed let you stop quicker. But not in snow.

And many cheaper ABS systems even give you longer stopping distances on dry roads too. Pretty much the only advantage of those is keeping steering control while braking hard.

Comment Re:There's still no magnetosphere (Score 1) 261

The bigger issue is probably the cool (at least as compared to Earth and Venus) Martian core, a majority of the original Martian atmosphere is probably still there, it has simply "sunk" into the planet without a hot core constantly ejecting it back to the surface.

Then just drill a big hole down to the center, throw in some nukes, fill up the hole and let the nukes go off. Problem solved. Try not to blow the planet apart, though. Maybe on second thought just throw loads of uranium in so it goes critical but not quite as violently.

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