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Comment: Re:Some of it is dubious (Score 0) 1365

by michaewlewis (#27997959) Attached to: Why Linux Is Not Yet Ready For the Desktop

Another reason to stay away from linux is because of all of the linux bullies that only know how to say "RTFM" or "Google it yourself n00b".
For people like me (system admin), there just isn't enough time to throw into r/d to get a linux box working with an four or eight monitor workstation when Windows just works. Until drivers and configs (such as xorg.conf) are as simple to install as in Windows, I won't even consider moving to linux.

Comment: Re:On the fence on this (Score 0) 169

by michaewlewis (#27848673) Attached to: Churches Use Twitter To Reach a Wider Audience

Would the proof you're looking for include miracles? Anyone who's been a Christian for any amount of time can give examples of miracles that they themselves have experienced or know someone else who has experienced. I've experienced some real miracles that cannot be explained by conventional wisdom and can't really be attributed to chance.

Comment: Re:Old Computers (Score 0) 289

by michaewlewis (#27788439) Attached to: Hospital Equipment Infected With Conficker

mission critical networks are very different from IT. You can't allow everyone to do everything they want because some things can literally bring down a mission critical network.
I work in a scada network where patching and firewalls are implemented on a very limited basis because they can screw up an entire process if done wrong. And vulnerability scans and ping sweeps are a big no-no. Everything has to be done manually. Oh, and no connection to the internet.... to many things to go wrong there.

Comment: Re:Surprise. (Score 0) 1038

by michaewlewis (#27211339) Attached to: US Adults Fail Basic Science Literacy

If that's the only argument you've heard for creationism, then you don't truly know what you're arguing against, just as the "creationist" that is using that argument doesn't know what they really believe.
There have been tons of research and tests/results that prove creationism in as complete of a scientific method as evolution is done. Take a look at for some interesting, scientific info.

Comment: Re:Surprise. (Score 0) 1038

by michaewlewis (#27181289) Attached to: US Adults Fail Basic Science Literacy

"Add religious zealots trying to bend free thought to their will and you end up with what we have today."

Same could be said about evolutionists. A zealot is basically someone who refuses to listen to another person's argument because they supposedly know they're right. Most slashdotters won't even listen to an argument against evolution. Is that just trying to keep their minds from corruption? I doubt it.

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