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Comment reality (Score 1) 287

Whenever I hear the word "reality" I think someone is ham-fisting some half-chewed opinion down my throat and calling it factual.

I don't know much about homeopathy, but I can digest opinions for myself thank you.

Comment Re:It's not a sound strategy (Score 1) 195

"too many slashdotters think that putting anything other than a bare minimum is being tasken advantage of."

Slashdotters want to work 20 hours a week. Managers want them to work 55 hours a week.

The problem is people looking at superficial metrics. A lot can be accomplished in 40 hours when you're not thinking about hours, perceptions, etc.

Comment Re:Consider track records of previous projects (Score 1) 305

Oh, I see ... if only the government had more records to keep track of. If only they had more information. If only they had binders and cabinets full of papers bursting at the seems only to be held together with red tape. Clearly this is the only thing standing between them and success.

Successful companies that actually make software systems that work must surely do this all the time, and the government only has to start!

Comment success !! (Score 1) 305

A form was set up successfully.

Now that the government has demonstrated its reliability, let's hand over all health care activity to unelected officials.

This is clear, irrefutable proof that single payer, political oversight by the IRS, and the treasury confiscating all bank accounts exceeding $10k will usher in the perfection of society and the shared prosperity as described by HRC, BHO, and Walter Mondale.

Comment Re:drones (Score 1) 318

"If the Republicans didn't think it an important political issue, why did Congress spend more time investigating Planned Parenthood than they spent investigating 9/11?"

A powerful question, to be sure, but I don't think it addresses your claim. The republicans aren't tapping into sexual attraction to get votes. When I think of planned parenthood the last thing I think of is 'oh exciting! sexuality!'. If anything they're tapping into "hey, there's something to be said for responsibility".

"The numbers of gay characters still being smaller than "real life" but those who are gay are often out of the closet"

Practicing homosexuals is 2% of the population. That was in a mainstream media newspaper. The number of gay characters on TV vastly exceeds that. Pierce Brosnan (not a Sunday School teacher) was attacked because he said he didn't see how a gay Bond would work. James Bond is probably the last character that would make sense as a homosexual.

Comment Re:worst of both worlds (Score 1) 80


That's like buying carrots at the grocery store, and then having to buy them again when you take them out of the fridge.

Because, you see, you can just leave them in the fridge.

If that's the case then income taxes are not really taxes because you can just stop earning money and you don't have to pay anything.

Comment Re:drones (Score 1) 318

You have made a very common equivocation: what shows up in the headlines is basically the same thing as what ordinary people are interested in.

It isn't.

Other confirmations: highschoolers are having A LOT less sex than they were 10 years ago. You see 10 - 30% of characters on TV being gay, but that is not how people are getting lured into watching the shows. It's just the script writers wanting to be trendy (believing it isn't going to cost them in the ratings game). See the gap there?

Planned parenthood is only showing up in the headlines because of the recent expose. I don't see that really continuing, and I would bet against any legislation relating to that in the slightest way.

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