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Comment Re:Answer a question for me? (Score 1) 97

I studied brain theory and AI at USC in post grad.

This is a really great question.

Neural networks do not exist in nature anywhere for any species in the sense of the left-to-right pipeline framework you describe.

As with any simulation, there isn't going to be 100% parity with the real thing. It simulates neural networks in the sense that they are adaptive and produce pavlovian results, associative chains, etc.

Can't comment on to what extent the layout you describe (i.e. a traditional neural network) relates to what IBM has set up here.

Comment Re:stop them ! (Score 1) 244

"The people who made those last 4 bars wouldn't get any more money."

You're talking about what Hershey's would do. Your earlier claim was lowering supply doesn't increase demand. The verification for that is if people would pay more. Not if Hershey's would charge more.

Glad we've established you're a smart guy :)

Saying they chose a profession with thievery is common (while true to some measure) doesn't diminish being a thief oneself.

Comment Re:stop them ! (Score 1) 244

"Decreasing supply doesn't increase demand."

Hmm ... So you're saying that if there were only 4 Hershey bars in the whole world people wouldn't pay more for them than they currently do? Please elaborate.

You are right that buying a digital copy of GoT doesn't decrease the supply. In that case the artists, producers, 1%'ers etc are compensated directly. In the secondary sales market they are compensated by being able to charge higher prices. Either way, they profit. In the case where thieves bit torrent the content around they go uncompsenated.

You might spend 128 hours not working for money, but you've decided for the people making the content they should be compensated for less hours of their working time. Would you be okay letting other people decide to compensate you for less hours of your working time without your consent?

Listen ... you're a smart guy. The problem is not that you're not smart enough. The problem is you've resigned yourself to living in a prickly, conflicted world of values. You would be upset if people did this to you. Rationality and nuance aren't going to make things more comfortable for you there. They can only obscure the mental wrestling match you fighting (against yourself).

Comment Re:stop them ! (Score 1) 244

If you buy a second hand car, you've just decreased the supply and thereby increased the demand. Leading to more sales.

If you steal a season of GoT, you haven't decreased the supply and the demand stays the same.

You still haven't explained if you would be OK working for free.

Comment Re:stop them ! (Score 1) 244

You've taken away jobs and other opportunities.

Whatever distinction you're making there it has no meaning unless you are somehow suggesting that these people ought to somehow be working for free. That argument is morally viable if you are willing to work the schedules these guys do for free.

Comment Re:stop them ! (Score 1) 244

Content producers think, "Ah, I don't want to front something like this. People won't pay for it, so I'll get nothing back". Then he doesn't hire actors, writers, secretaries, etc.

So the job is gone. People don't get that work because the thieves stole it. They didn't pull out a gun. They didn't lop off any fingers. But the people who make the stuff people want don't get to choose that work because the thieves didn't give them that choice.

Well, hey, you know what? I say the thieves don't know any better. I say the people that want that content know better. I say the people who want jobs know better. I say the GoT thieves who high-five each other all day belong in jail so the rest of us can pay lower prices for a better selection of stuff.

I say it's time for the government to do what we're paying them to do and enforce the law!

Comment Re:Cue the Kneejerk (Score 1) 244

Gertrude, you protest too much.

You start out mentioning your own reservations, but ... then ... 'No! I'm responding to the religious nut jobs!'

What you are really conflicted about is relating this to your own brain being put in a jar. Your projections of religious people is just a way of demonizing your own feelings!

Let me point you to some relief: invent an opinion on this that you are SURE how you feel about it. Because look: you are free to have any opinion about it you want. You are CONDEMNED to be free, as one athiest put it (i.e. a non-religious nut).

But if you are free to have any opinion, you are also responsible for it.

Make an opinion you can own and live with. That way you can live with YOURSELF!

(Btw, cool SB quote)