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Comment: Re:flag (Score 1) 221 221


If slavery was legal in the North up to and during the Civil War, then why was there so much ado over Dredd Scott?

In terms of the law, they would have just sent him back, but the abolitionists thought they had a case because slavery was illegal in the North.

And furthermore, what was the Missouri Compromise all about? I thought that was where the Northern states couldn't own slaves?

Comment: Re:flag (Score 1) 221 221

When I grew up people told me jack o' laterns are symbols of the occult and child sacrifice.

It's true that people who sacrifice children are into the jack o' latern stuff (and YES they do exist, please don't dismiss that under the guise of /. "enlightened thinking" or whatever), but most people who carve pumpkins are not intending to promote the devil.

Or at least insofar as they are cutting a pumpkin.

Comment: payoff (Score 0) 62 62

When Russian armored units pour into Germany, France, and Italy, the Europeans will not be glad they spent billions on collecting comet data.

You did hear president Obama (not a war hawk president by any measure) is sending armored reinforcements to Europe?

If it wasn't for NATO, Russia would have done it sooner. That essentially means the EU countries are relying on the US for a military while they send up these wake up / go back to bed space probes.

Comment: Re:Very misleading headline (Score 1) 259 259

You're reinforcing his point.

If the government is dropping money from our pockets into ALL these energy providers, it doesn't really say much about which one is the most viable.

Also, I'm not sure what business you have telling people what emotions to feel.

Comment: Re:Religion (Score 1) 637 637

I don't credit people for believing in God, but you certainly have a sordid way to pat yourself on the back there, sir.

Believe it or not, in Atheism Land (i.e. the USSR), 20 million people were killed by the government during WWII (and 6 million in Ukraine alone over a 2 year period) for political reasons.

Comment: Re:Structuring has been a crime since the 1980's (Score 1) 510 510

Throwing a snake in Arkansas is a crime, but it shouldn't be one.

The US government should not have the authority to just take people's money because they have over $10k in an account. I'm not an anarchist, but anarchy is better than a government that takes peoples things *just because they have things*.

Structuring laws are a fast track to totalitarianism.

God helps them that themselves. -- Benjamin Franklin, "Poor Richard's Almanac"