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Comment Re:Face facts, she is not going to admit anything (Score 1) 348


Is the Justice Department overreacting and lying? Or does FOX control the White House? Or do you hate Obama? Or what exactly?

Hillary is sending emails to Obama telling him to call his $%$$ dogs off, and Obama has declined. A couple sources have indicated that one.

Comment Re:We NEED to find other intelligent life (Score 1) 365

Those shenanigans really did happen (maybe the today equivalent of 120 million since there weren't more than 150 million people in Europe until 1800), but my ancestors left Europe for that reason. You can't really say that about the church in the US (where people still go to church). Also, compare that to killings by government.

By "life" I was referring to something more than prolonging your days on the earth.

Comment Re:We NEED to find other intelligent life (Score 1) 365

Hmm ... if religion is organized, who is at the head of it? If it is popular why are all these people cheating on their spouses and killing each other? Perhaps you are referring to the worship of sex and consummate professionalism as a "religion"?

As far as you're concerned, though, if people taught flat earth theory in every school, would you -from your death bed- look back on your life and say it was all a waste? How would that affect you?

Comment Re:technology? (Score 1) 157

Ah, you are a student of history. Yes, he was also involved with a number of charities. Roosevelt asked him to run as a Democrat. I think he almost might have, but he replied saying the only Democrat he knew in the Iowa town he grew up in was a drunkard. They started making whiskey cheaper in those days.

Comment Re:We NEED to find other intelligent life (Score 1) 365

I have a friend that runs tidal wave simulations that show how many people would die if specific tectonic events happened in the Pacific ocean. These people haven't died, but counter-factually speaking (that is to say it is possible that in a hypothetical universe where X happened) they did.

Science tells stories, but they are never complete (see Hume, Kant, etc). At the end of the day you are wagering with your life!

One of the chief duties of the mathematician in acting as an advisor... is to discourage... from expecting too much from mathematics. -- N. Wiener