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Comment: Censorhip anyone? (Score 2) 233

by miahmiah (#37507002) Attached to: Doesn't Hide Logs From the FBI
HMA is designed to avoid censorship, not mask illegal activities. Although their may be some gray area where using the internet to organize people in political actions may be illegal, the sharing information itself is not illegal, and should not be censored. People that then actually commit cyber crimes or real crimes, will be subject to applicable laws by involved governments, and of course, the governments will take action to find the responsible parties.

Comment: Re:Not impressed, idiotic example given (Score 1) 126

by miahmiah (#37499918) Attached to: Augmented Reality's Disruptive Potential

Ok, let me get this straight. Rather than going to and looking around, you download Layar, then you download the stupidteeshirtidea app listed in Layar, then you walk around until you find the stupidteeshirtidea virtual store and click it to get redirected to


Hahahaha perfectly worded!

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