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Comment: Re:Iran is not trying to save money (Score 1) 271 271

It's not my fault you lack reading comprehension. I recommend finishing grade school.

Whenever there is a disagreement, the Burden of Proof is on one side or another.

By demanding "Prove it", you tried to place it on me. I explained, why it ought to be on Iran and its apologists instead. I'm willing to give you a brief course on grade-school level logic right here. Just ask (politely).


Between who and who?

Comment: Re:"Not eager" (Score 1) 174 174

That is incredibly presumptuous towards the woman in question

Just what is it, you are accusing me of "presuming"? The submitter gave all the details necessary: his wife worked for about two years as a developer. She has not done any coding for three years and is "not eager" to ever do it again.

Now compare her with somebody else, who has — since graduating college — worked for two years, loves what he is doing and is enthusiastic about continuing. Like her husband.

On the face of it, they should be both earning the same money: "Equal pay for Equal work. NOW!!!!"

And so goes the poster about the woman — and the parochial evil sexist bigot KKKonservatives, who want to keep her and all other women "illiterate, barefoot, and pregnant".

Quick, call your Congressman to demand generous funding for female programmers seeking to return to the workforce. Ample funds should be allocated to deal with their lack of enthusiasm, which can only be a manifestation of other people's bigotry.

Comment: Re:Iran is not trying to save money (Score 1) 271 271

I never said "innocent until proven guilty."

You did. By demanding: "Prove it"...

unfounded assumptions are dangerous and can have disastrous consequences

What consequences would there be to assuming, they are building a nuclear weapon?

About your boring rhetoric on Obama, I'm not American so I don't care, really

My "boring rhetoric" was meant to explain, why making a deal — any deal — is so important to the American current Administration. Important enough, they would try to shore up domestic and international support for it with less-than-honest propaganda.

Take your rants somewhere else.

Where would I take them? To some English-language forum hosted in the US and aimed, primarily, at American audiences? Like Slashdot?

Comment: Re:Iran is not trying to save money (Score 1) 271 271

Prove it.

Given the number of times they've been caught lying in the past — including very recent past — the burden of proof is on Iran — and its apologists. The same apologists, who have no problems protesting Iran's innocence, while at the same time arguing for their right to have nuclear weapons...

Oh, and TFA itself is proof — the argument, that Iran are doing it "for energy" is defeated by the simple Math presented here.

It is admirable, that you wish to apply the "innocent until proven guilty" principle even to foreign regimes, but it is also naïve. Even in the legal system and offender on probation has to continuously prove innocence...

But realize that the propaganda machine is using the WMD line to trance you into gearing up for war, just like they did for Iraq.

So, your argument for Iran's innocence is our attack on Iraq? I fail to see a connection... The above-enumerated lies are totally independent of whether or not I am unduly influenced by some ominous propagandists — whom you would not even cite.

Have you considered the possibility, that it just might be you, who are a propaganda-victim? A "deal" with Iran (and Cuba) is the only good legacy Obama can have: despite all the Statist interventions (like the "Cash for Clunkers" flop) the economy is contracting, the Ukraine-related sanctions against Russia should've been Georgia-related and tightened instead of abolished in 2010, Obamacare is increasingly unpopular.

Bringing "peace for our time" with the mullahs would be — he foolishly thinks — something he could point a finger at. The way Clinton can point to his — equally foolish deal with North Korea. This is why they push for the "deal" — the same inept morons, who tried to befriend Putin with a plastic button...

Comment: It begins... (Score 1) 815 815

As predicted, it begins:

A group [...] plans to burn American flags in a Brooklyn park on Wednesday, just days before the Fourth of July holiday.

The event originally was aimed at burning the Confederate flag, but later changed to focus on the stars and stripes.

Will you be there, Dave?

+ - Creating bacterial 'fight clubs' to discover new drugs->

Science_afficionado writes: Vanderbilt chemists have shown that creating bacterial "fight clubs" is an effective way to discover natural biomolecules with the properties required for new drugs. They have demonstrated the method by using it to discover a new class of antibiotic with anti-cancer properties.
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Comment: Re: Demographics (Score 3, Insightful) 254 254

... yada-yada-yada .... Why do they [gangs -mi] form? That's pretty simple. When you're pushed out of the economy [...]

So, you've gotten past denying the higher likelihood of Blacks belonging to a gang, and are now listing excuses for it? Nice.

So, is it still "stereotype", if it is true? Is it "racist" to point out, that African Americans have darker skin?

All blacks are violent criminals in the minds of police.

You keep saying these things, but remain unable to explain, why these very same racist police do not treat Asians just as badly as they (supposedly) do Blacks. Anecdotes about Korean kids studying Math don't count. Koreans are but a fraction of Asians in America — there are vastly more Chinese, for example. There are great many Vietnamese. Then there are Indians and Pakistani, who — being brown and with funny accents — would've made a perfect target for racism.

And maybe they are a target — I do not know. But I do know, they don't burn pharmacies for some reason...

Police have a long history of treating people of different races and national origins differently.

Citations? Single anecdotes don't count — statistics, please... Cite me a study or two.

You'll find that we'll see a dramatic change in black and latino stereotypes

I asked this question up above already, but you — "cowards on race" — have all dodged it. Why is it, that even the most vile stereotypes of Jews — who were certainly mistreated in Europe for centuries — do not contain anything even remotely like smashing police cars or robbing storekeepers?

Comment: Re: Demographics (Score 1, Informative) 254 254

It's a very common assumption in America today that blacks and hispanics are stupid and prone to joining gangs, and that Asians are smart and successful.

And where would this assumption you claim exists — without any citations, BTW — have come from?

Is it the television programs, which constantly portray Hispanics and Blacks as stupid? Which ones? Books pushing the same view? Which ones? Public schools teaching our kids that? Advertising materials? Where? What?

The woeful underperformance of AAs is because of historical inertia and ongoing racism

Until you can explain, why the same "historical inertia and ongoing racism" — whether they actually even exist or not — do not cause Asians (neither the "narrow-eyed" nor the "curry-smelling" brown-skined ones) to similarly underperform, you argument shall remain null and void.

African immigrants don't have the same historical problems that AAs have; they leapfrog over those problems.

Please, explain, how a "racist cop" manage to distinguish between Black immigrant and Black native born.

Your response rehashes the same arguments I already addressed — and calls me "stupid". Well, I'm willing to repeat the same rebuttals once — for I am not especially biased against the slow. But I will not repeat them again. Until you can offer coherent answers to the above questions, I will not continue this conversation with you.

Comment: Re:Don't rule out sabotage (Score 1, Interesting) 308 308

Saying that this launch failure has certainly

Not saying it is a certainty — but rather a possibility, which should not be ruled out.

Russia today is proudly claiming legacy of the country and organization, which once sent agents to kill John Wayne — for trying to drive Communists out of Hollywood. Compared to that, crippling an enemy's space program is a perfectly normal and even noble thing to do.

Comment: Don't rule out sabotage (Score 0, Troll) 308 308

The only alternatives to SpaceX are NASA's AtlasV and the Russian offerings. That's well known.

What's less known is that a major component — the RD-180 engine — of AtlasV is supplied by Russia as well. Russia is threatening to stop delivering it, but the US ought to stop buying it in the first place — and cut off billions of dollars for Putin.

If the SpaceX fails, the US may be forced to appease Russia — such as by forgiving the armed invasion and recognizing the annexation of Crimea.

A Russian agent, who'd successfully sabotage SpaceX, would certainly be richly rewarded back at home.

Comment: Re: Demographics (Score 5, Informative) 254 254

They might go to a shitty underfunded public school.

The very concept of "public school" is fairly recent. Not only did Aristotle grow up without one, neither Benjamin Franklin nor Thomas Jefferson attended one either. Thomas Edison was homeschooled.

They might get harassed by the police on a regular basis, charged with a felony in a situation where a white kid would get a slap on the wrist, and have their lives effectively ruined by a criminal record.

Even if true, how is this different from what Jews suffered in Europe for centuries?

Why are the supposedly "racist cops" (many of them Black, BTW) today only targeting African Americans? If they really were White Supremacists, wouldn't the statistics for Asian Americans be just as gloomy? Immigrant Blacks are doing much better than the native-born ones too.

A theory contradicting observable facts is wrong. Your explanation is thus without merit. Whether or not there really is "institutional racism" or whatever in America, it simply does not explain the woeful underperformance of African Americans.

It's definitely not as bad for black people as it was 50 years ago, or even 25 years ago

Actually, you are wrong again — it is worse than 50 years ago. Despite — or, more likely, because of — decades of various policies advocated by your kind, the Blacks' satisfaction is lower today, than it was in 1964. Although, yeah, it may be better than 20 years ago...

(Note, that I'm not putting forth my own theories here. I'm just obliterating yours.)

May Euell Gibbons eat your only copy of the manual!