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Comment Is there network traffic? (Score 1) 1

Mielke reached that conclusion after analyzing Nest Cam's power consumption.

Would've been much easier — and, actually, conclusive, to analyze the network packets leaving the camera.

when Nest Cam is turned off, it completely stops transmitting video to the cloud, meaning it no longer observes its surroundings

This is so easy to verify, they wouldn't lie about it. Why didn't the "security researcher" check that?

Comment Re:Wait, they shipped the private key? (Score 1) 60

So either an engineer acted in breech of professional ethics, or managers rode roughshod over the engineers' objections.

This suspicion would've made sense, if there was some profit opportunity there. But I can not see one...

Making their own CA recognizable as valid by users of their computers would've been understandable — and even acceptable. But what possible use is publishing your private key?

Perhaps, it is to be able to deny responsibility for bad software later, but that's a little too far-fetched...

Comment Re:I want quality, not politics (Score 1) 145

FreeBSD's support of her cause in many discussion list entries is what caused my business to stop our annual donations and migrate >5k hosts over to Linux.

That seems so drastic, it is unbelievable...

Wow, didn't know about her. Well, I think, you can go back now — randi@ has not committed anything (to src/) since 2010... Which brings us back to my point — your concern with a software project ought to be first and foremost on the quality of the product.

But, maybe, she works for Microsoft now?

Comment Re:Equality of opportunity matters (Score 1) 145

those of us who aren't sociopaths

Easy with the name-calling. Please, don't hate.

Glass ceilings are a real thing.

Whether that's true or not, there is not one in Linux (nor FreeBSD) project. And yet, the ratio of females there is even worse, than at Microsoft.

People don't have to be enslaved for a workplace to be a very bad place.

If the free people willingly choose to work somewhere, then it can not be that bad.

there is clear and unambiguous evidence that if we allow discrimination based on those criteria that the results are bad both for society and for the individuals

Such a claim sounds rather hollow without citations. Got any?

Your "anti-discrimination" (poorly) fights symptoms, not the problem — which only gets worse because of your efforts, as we are forced to wonder, if a protected minority occupying an important post really deserved it, or got it thanks to the color of his skin. Racial relations today are worse than before — with Blacks especially alienated.

Your approach demonstrably failed. Decades ago we surrendered an essential liberty to your kind in exchange for a promise of harmony, and now we have neither the liberty nor the harmony. Look at Baltimore — despite having Black mayor and Black police commissioner, it still got racial tensions like nowhere else... It is such an egg on your face, your wisest now blame lead paint!

You are a pathetic failure. And yet, instead of pulling back to reflect on what went wrong, your kind doubles and triples down with new charges. Today even the belly-dancing or yoga are off-limits to the Whitey.

Constitution is junk to you — you may preach "tolerance", but wish to ban "hate speech". And that includes everything that makes you uncomfortable.

The market demonstrably cannot fairly deal with this problem.

Because it is not a market problem. In fact, I am not convinced, it is a problem at all. But, if it is, you and yours are the least qualified to address it.

Comment I want quality, not politics (Score 0) 145

Excuse me, but what I expect from corporations (where I am not myself a shareholder) is quality products. I don't give a damn, who they hire and why — as long as they don't enslave workers — and neither should anybody else. Mind your own business, people.

FreeBSD project, to the best of my knowledge, has no females at all — though, at some point, one member chose to identify as one. (He had to announce it because of the name-change.) I doubt, Linux is very different. Compared to that, Microsoft's female participation is amazing, but, once again, it is no one's business — they ought to be judged solely on the quality and prices of their offerings.

There, somebody had to say it...

Comment Wait, they shipped the private key? (Score 4, Interesting) 60

private key used to sign Bluetooth drivers has been found on a Dell Inspiron laptop

So, the happy owners of the affected laptops can now issue certificates and/or sign drivers, which will be accepted as genuine by other owners of Dell hardware?

Seriously? If so, that's just too dumb to be malicious...

Submission + - Quantum Breakthrough Signals Tighter Telecoms Security (

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers have outlined a new quantum technology breakthrough which could improve the encryption of data and its secure exchange over long distance telecommunications networks. The scientists describe how quantum entanglement can allow separated particles to share properties, enabling information to be encoded in quantum particles. Any disruption from an unauthorised third party will change the properties of the quantum correlations and immediately become detectable, as well as making the information impossible to copy. In this recent study the team, demonstrating what could be developed into a ‘quantum internet’, achieved a world-first by transferring a quantum bit (qubit) over a 2km length of standard fibre optic cable.

Submission + - Move over, Mr. Musk, Jeff Bezos has a rocket too (

mi writes: Blue Origin, the private space firm owned by Amazon's Jeff Bezos, has just dropped a huge, unexpected gauntlet in the race to develop a reusable rocket. It just launched its New Shepard space vehicle (video, below) consisting of a BE-3 rocket and crew capsule to a suborbital height of around 100.5 kilometers (62 miles). The capsule then separated and touched down beneath a parachute, but more importantly, the BE-3 rocket also started its own descent. After the rockets fired at nearly 5,000 feet, it made a a controlled vertical landing at a gentle 4.4 mph.

Submission + - Highschooler suspended over an "insensitive" tweet ( 1

mi writes: When a teacher complained about low voter-turnout in a Massachusetts town, one of the students suggested, it may be because too many of the residents aren't legally allowed to vote: "When only 10 percent of Revere votes for mayor cause the other 90 percent isn't legal". The school punished the student because "the district believes in freedom of speech, but cannot support insensitive language".

Submission + - GlassRAT Targets Chinese Nationals, Lurked for 3 Years Undetected (

chicksdaddy writes: RSA researchers issued a report today ( about a remote access trojan (or RAT) program dubbed “GlassRAT” that they are linking to sophisticated and targeted attacks on “Chinese nationals associated with large multinational corporations," The Security Ledger reports. (

Discovered by RSA in February of this year, GlassRAT was first created in 2012 and “appears to have operated, stealthily, for nearly 3 years in some environments,” in part with the help of a legitimate certificate from a prominent Chinese software publisher and signed by Symantec and Verisign, RSA reports.

The software is described as a “simple but capable RAT” that packs reverse shell features that allow attackers to remotely control infected computers as well as transfer files and list active processes. The dropper program associated with the file poses as the Adobe Flash player, and was named “Flash.exe” when it was first detected.

RSA discovered it on the PC of a Chinese national working for a large, U.S. multi-national corporation. RSA had been investigating suspicious network traffic on the enterprise network. RSA says telemetry data and anecdotal reports suggest that GlassRAT may principally be targeting Chinese nationals or other Chinese speakers, in China and elsewhere, since at least early 2013.

RSA said it has discovered links between GlassRAT and earlier malware families including Mirage, Magicfire and PlugX. Those applications have been linked to targeted campaigns against the Philippine military and the Mongolian government. (

Submission + - 2015 "Dance Your PhD" Winner Announced (

sciencehabit writes: Jargon seems unavoidable in science. When you try to explain your work, it becomes a minefield of technical concepts and abstract reasoning. But what if we just want the gist of what you do, the essence of your research...? Oh, and make it a dance. The results are in from Science magazine's annual "Dance Your PhD" contest. The winners include a ballet about a protein, a tango about entangled photons, a Bollywood spectacle about the immune system and, this year's top prize-winner, a dance by Florence Metz of the University of Bern, Switzerland, who combined hip hop, salsa, and acro-yoga to explain her PhD on the intricacies of water protection policies. She goes home with $1000 and a trip to Stanford University in the spring to screen her PhD dance and give a talk--hopefully jargon-free.

Submission + - "Clock boy" threatens to sue city and school if they don't pay him $15 million. 2

phrackthat writes: The family of Ahmed Mohamed, the boy who was arrested in Irving, Texas, when a clock he had went off in school, has threatened to sue the school and the city of Irving, Texas if they do not pay him $15 million as compensation for the supposed indignities he endured when he was arrested.

To refresh the memories of everyone, Ahmed's clock was a clock he disassembled then put into a pencil case that looked like a miniature briefcase. He was briefly detained by the Irving city police to interview him and determine if he intended for his clock to be perceived as a fake bomb. He was released to his parents later on that day and they publicized the matter and claimed Ahmed was arrested because of "Islamophobia".

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