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Comment: Re:WTF (Score 2) 110 110

No, "auditioned". You can "try" a pair of earbuds by sticking them in your ear. You "Audition" earbuds by ensuring they fit properly, then using them to listen to several pieces of music you are familiar with, and generating a (personal, subjective) rating for them.

It's the difference between sitting in a car and going for a test-drive.

Comment: Re:Does Canada have Constitution? (Score 1) 231 231

The Head of State of Canada is the Queen of Canada. It just so happens that this office resides in the same person as a bunch of other heads of state, but that does *not* make the British crown our ruler.

It's a subtle, but *very important* distinction, because the powers of the British crown are *not* the same as the powers of the Canadian crown.

In fact it is entirely possible for one crown to abdicate one position, but not the others. They are, after all, separate positions.

Comment: Re: Suzanne Humphries MD (Score 1) 740 740

Nothing fishy at all. Vaccines are not silver bullets, and no vaccine is 100% effective. However, with high coverage, the vaccine is *effective enough* to prevent or greatly reduce an outbreak.
With a substantial proportion of non-vaccinated people (effectiveness: 0%), then yes, even some vaccinated will be infected. No reputable source ever said otherwise, though.

Comment: Re:Choice but with consequences (Score 1) 740 740

The reason for this was specifically because vaccines are NOT really profitable. Since one of the major reasons to vaccinate is because the cost to society as a whole is so high when it *doesn't* happen, then it was decided the possible liability costs for the vaccines should also be taken by society, in the form of the NVICP. Without the NVICP, the monetary incentive for the companies is to simply shut down production completely - it's just not worth it.

Comment: Re:monarch/aristocracy/corporations (Score 1) 192 192

Just a nit - the monarch of Canada is, in fact, the Queen of Canada, who just happens to *also* be the Queen of England. Multiple jobs, same person. It's a subtle but important distinction. Canada no longer is 'ruled' by England, and in fact the article you linked to makes that important distinction.

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