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Comment Re:Drive Failure and False Economy again (Score 1) 128

Interestingly, I doubt anyone you could talk to would be able to answer. Their engineering and operations staff might know (at the least, they'd be able to look at MTBF on their drives, and what their redundancy is), but the overall failure rate of the system depends on many more factors than that - if there's a software bug at a higher layer, the system as a whole might not replicate correctly, or might delete something it thought was replicated, only to find out later that it's not.

I doubt they have any idea what the real, total MTBF for the entire mess is.

Comment Re:Thank god (Score 4, Insightful) 229

Doesn't matter - they have to police scam accounts as it is. The biggest attraction to scammers is a zero-cost place to run scams, because most scams have such a low success rate that if it cost the scammer anything, they wouldn't do it.

If Valve restricts the accounts unless they have SOME money in the game, the scammers can't simply operate at full rate - they'll have to pick and choose the scams and targets more carefully, because there's overhead. That knocks 90% of the bozo population out of the game, and while you'll ALWAYS have scammers, the most annoying ones will go away.

Comment Re:so lets have a breakdown (Score 1) 529

HBO Now standalone streaming service coming to Apple TV and iOS apps in early April for $14.99 a month.

not really an innovation but, okay. There was nothing stopping this from happening before, why did it need an event?

Because prying HBO loose from the cable companies is actually quite a trick. It's only recently that this has been at all conceivable.

ResearchKit Announced: Is open source and allows medical researchers to create apps, and use the iPhone as a diagnostic tool.

Cool, but the apps store is still a draconian gulag. expect a dearth of crisis pregnancy apps to get written and a bunch of Abortion assistance apps to get flagged and removed as part of our nations proud tradition of culture warfare. And how do we handle HIPAA here?

HIPPA? I think it's got bigger problems than HIPPA. A device that does diagnosis is a regulated thing. There are some interesting inconsistencies around treatment of devices that just show you data from other devices, but if they really plan to make real diagnosis using an iPhone, the FDA is gonna have something to say about that.

Comment That's interesting, if primarily useless (Score 1) 411

The first response to this kind of it is 'So what?'. They made up a metric and found that in Java it's 5%. Whoop. They didn't even examine any other languages to see if the metric varies (if they had, perhaps it would be in someway interesting, though I doubt it would be particularly enlightening.)

There's nothing you can do with this information. Total waste of time.

Comment Re:Why not all apps at once? (Score 1) 133

The first big issue will be screen sizes - Android has provisions for apps supporting multiple screen sizes, but it's kind of weird in how it works, and not every app works well (or at all) if you hand it a screen size markedly different than what it was designed for.

Comment Predictions vs. reality (Score 5, Insightful) 753

"Lots of people think it will happen" means about nothing. People are HORRIBLY bad at predicting future trends. More so en-mass.

What people say they want and what they really want (and demonstrate by doing) are pretty much unrelated. So even if people SAY they want cashless, I doubt they'll actually vote that way when the rubber hits the road.

Comment Re:Useless coins (Score 2, Informative) 753

Don't get me started on pennies. The reason we still have them is mostly sentimental. If it were my choice I'd drop the penny AND the nickle, AND the quarter, introduce a 20 cent piece, and be done.

Dollar coin never took off because they kept making bills. Other countries that have dollar coins stopped making the bills, so the coin took over as the bills left circulation. The actual economics of the bill vs. coin in the US are quite interesting due to how well made our bills are and how long they last in circulation, but then you add in the fact the people tend to drop change in a jar at home and the question of which is better for the government gets really interesting (there's a GAO report on the subject somewhere).

Two dollar bill just doesn't really serve much of a purpose - $5 is small enough for normal use, the $2 doesn't really add much functionality to the system.

Comment How stupid do you have to be, Hollywood? (Score 3, Insightful) 243

The Kickstarter used the phrase 'Digital Version' in some places and 'Digital Download' in others. I see no mention of DRM-free, so all they have to do is hand out Amazon credit to those who complain about the streaming solution. But no, they'd rather pay out a bunch of money than give people something that matches what they paid for. I'm thinking everyone who has a piece of this (the production company, any stars that get a piece of the action) ought to probably demand an accounting to make sure Hollywood didn't charge them for the returned cash...

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