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Submission + - Computer languages and religious affiliation

mgkimsal2 writes: "Last month I put together a survey to get developers' views on their languages of choice and their religious affiliation. We had over 3800 replies from all over the world in just a few days, and I've gotten around to starting to visualize the data. While the survey wasn't perfect, the results are still interesting, and the raw data is available for download to do with what you will."

Submission + - Computer language and religious affiliation 1

mgkimsal2 writes: "Is there a link between computer language use and religious affiliation? I've been wondering what sorts of computer languages people use, what religion people associate with, and if there's any interesting conclusions that might be drawn from this information. Please take a moment to fill out this survey. I fully realize that this is wholly *not* scientific — I don't claim that it is, but it'll be interesting to see the results at the end anyway. I plan to make either the raw data or the compiled results available by the end of Feb, 2008."

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