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Comment: Re:This is the cost incurred for outsourcing defen (Score 1) 337

by mgf64 (#49301217) Attached to: German Vice Chancellor: the US Threatened Us Over Snowden

Without getting into the moral implications of such a threat by the US, this is the cost Germany et. al. pay when letting the US foot the defense bill. The US defense budget pays for a large portion of the defense of the first world. If they don't want to be beholden to the whims of the US, don't depend on the US for defense.

As if they had any choice, seen the ending of WWII :-)

Comment: Yro (Score 1) 375

by mgf64 (#49187535) Attached to: Google Wants To Rank Websites Based On Facts Not Links
Google already tracks users and presents them search results compatible with their beliefs. This will be more and more about not challenging "accepted dogma" as truthful often means. cfr "accepted truth" which ceases to be "truth" as soon as FOIA documents prove that history was quite different than what was the "truth" published on newspapers or shown on TV. Google gets more and more unsound, to the point that if you base your research of factual truth on Google you risk confirmation bias.

Comment: Twitter sucks in many ways. (Score 1) 467

by mgf64 (#48999425) Attached to: Twitter CEO: "We Suck" At Dealing With Trolls, Vows To Kick Them Out
Twitter sucks in trademark enforcement. They "actively defend usage of hashtags by insertionists". And "hashtags" can be trademarks, by insertionists. Read carefully: if someone infrange on your trademark, eg. an competitor encouraging other users to use your trademark as an hashtag in order to promote a competing business, at twitter basically they don't give a damn. Looks a lot like an extortion to me: want us to enforce your rights? only if you pay up, dear.

Comment: Misleading title (Score 2) 139

Actually the summary is an invention. They were accused of stating that there was no possibility of harm, that people should have remained at home. I.e.: they released false and fatally flawed recommendations for political reasons. It was well known that the region was at risk due to historical evidence.

+ - Major Performance Improvement Discovered For Intel's GPU Linux Driver->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: LunarG on contract with Valve Software discovered a critical shortcoming with the open-source Intel Linux graphics driver that was handicapping the performance. A special bit wasn't being set by the Linux driver but was by the Windows driver, which when enabled is increasing the Linux performance in many games by now ~20%+, which should allow for a much more competitive showing between Intel OpenGL performance on Windows vs. Linux. However, the patch setting this bit isn't public yet as apparently it's breaking video acceleration in certain cases.
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+ - PC cooling specialist Zalman goes bankrupt due to fraud->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Zalman's parent company Moneual's CEO Harold Park, and vice presidents Scott Park and Won Duck-yeok, have apparently spent the last five years producing fraudulent documentation relating to the sales performance of Zalman. These documents inflated sales figures and export data for Zalman’s products. The reason? Bank loans.

By increasing sales and exports Park and his associates were able to secure bank loans totaling $2.98 billion. Someone has finally realized what has been going on, though, triggering Zalman’s shares to be suspended on the stock market and the company filing for bankruptcy protection. The questions now turn to how this practice was allowed to continue unnoticed for so long and how the banks will go about getting their near $3 billion back?

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+ - Terrorists used false DMCA claims to get personal data of anti-islamic youtuber

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: German newspaper FAZ reports (google translated version) that, after facing false DMCA claims by "FirstCrist, Copyright" and threatened by youtube with takedown, a youtuber running the german version of islam-critic Al Hayat TV had to disclose their identity in order to get the channel back online, in accordance with youtube policy. Later, the channel staff got a mail containing a death threat by "FirstCrist, Copyright", containing: "thank you for your personal data. [...] take care your house gets police protection!". As the staff had already suspected that "FirstCrist, Copyright" were in fact islamists, they had tried to convince youtube youtube to find another way, but in vain.

+ - Gigabit Internet Connections Make Property Values Rise

Submitted by Jason Koebler
Jason Koebler writes: When families go to buy a new home, they're most often looking for a couple things: Good schools, a safe neighborhood, maybe something that's near public transportation. And, increasingly and undeniably, access to gigabit internet service. A study by RVA LLC Market Research and Consulting found that fiber optic internet adds roughly $5,250 to the value of a $300,000 home.
"It's getting to the point where, if my neighboring community has a gig and we're still doing satellite, the property value in that town is going to go up," Deb Socia, director of Next Century Cities, a coalition of cities trying to provide gigabit internet speeds to their citizens, said. "You're going to lose people and you're going to lose revenue without it. I'm hearing it from folks in different chambers of commerce, in real estate, in politics."

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