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User Journal

Journal: First Post! 2

Journal by mgessner

Well, I don't know who will read any of this... so this is just a call to see who's out there.

Let's see... I have a wife of 13 years and 3 awesome kids (2 boys, 1 girl). I like to play netrek in my off time (i.e. wife and kids are sleeping :). I've got lots of different interests.

On the spiritual side of things, I'm a Christian. I go to a really great church in Delaware, OH.

On the work side, I work as a software engineer. I've done embedded systems for most of my career, but have also worked on large database systems of different kinds and some handheld systems, too (the Apple MessagePad -- those were the days!).

So, let's see what happens next...

Put your best foot forward. Or just call in and say you're sick.