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+ - Shelley the Republican is NOT Satirical

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mgcarley writes "Despite claims to the contrary, Shelley the Republican ( is NOT satire. Neither is what "Tristan" writes, apparantely. Hard to believe, I know.

Some of you may know "Tristan" as an card carrying MCP who dislikes Linux (et al ad nauseum). But just because he has a qualification doesn't mean he actually KNOWS anything about Computers, Linux, Windows (or, for that matter, the release cycle): ux-and-windows-compared-the-facts.aspx
"I have a wide understanding of both technical and business computing issues. I am sure you will agree that I am exceptionally qualified to speak on this subject."

In a brief MSN conversation, I got it straight from the horses mouth (proverbially speaking): "I don't think Tristan is perfect. He might do a mistake here and there but the web site and his work is of course not 'satirical'."

I'm trying to get a full conversation going with this person to find out more.

Oh yeah, and look at what they do to their "enemies":

Related links: ux-if-at-first-you-dont-succeed-cheat-cheat-cheat. aspx tion/technical/linux ux-and-windows-compared-the-facts.aspx"

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