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Comment: Re:Common sense says... (Score -1) 417

by mgabrys (#34630824) Attached to: Woman Sues Google Over Street View Shots of Her Underwear

So they're too stupid to use the opt-out request feature. And I thought asians were so good at stuff like tech and maths. Fucking bullshit. They sure as shit know how to chase money with lawyers tho. Fuck you Japan. Go back to shooting sex videos of children and jerk off to another fine "japanese tradition". Or try sepaku.

Comment: Re:I loved the original, but.. (Score 0) 412

by mgabrys (#34621168) Attached to: Tron: Legacy

Iso's were Tron Legacy's midichlorians. Supposed to be a big deal - turns out to be nothing important.

Hey there's these neat new life forms that could change everything! - oh but they're all dead - never mind.

Wait I have one left, but she's basically a retard.

And she's supposed to change everything?

Well you can take her out and she'd be a person!

Which isn't a new form of life anymore - earth has plenty of "persons".

Um - she's in 3D!

Comment: Re:purposely done (Score 1) 412

by mgabrys (#34620218) Attached to: Tron: Legacy

re: " I half expected them to start dropping light walls out of their asses."

Where were you during the outline session in the script-pit - that's actually a kind of awesome idea right there. "Pbbbbt - aiiiiiiiigh (de-rezzy breaky sounds) - oh sorry".

Elevator rides in Tron Legacy would be epic.

Comment: Re:"awesomely bad 80s graphics" (Score 0) 384

by mgabrys (#34606062) Attached to: 'Tron: Legacy' Director Explains the Tron World

Pacing mostly. The only complain I can lob (apart from some flatter-than flat acting), is the pacing is sloooooowwww in the first. And wow - the ADD generation would never sit still for it today. In fact, there's a quite good fan-made trailer for Tron that shows what modern pacing applied to it (in trailer form) would look like :

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