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Comment: Ergonomics (Score 2) 63

by mfh (#46764227) Attached to: Your <em>StarCraft II</em> Potential Peaked At Age 24

My feeling is that a lot of older computer users suffer from ergonomic injuries as a result of repetitive stress. Eventually this won't be a problem for us as we move computers into the mind-space but for now when we have to physically interact with computers it's one of those injuries that can really lower the quality of life, let alone the scoreboard.

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by mfh (#46747833) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

If there were another smart animal on this planet, as smart as we are and more cooperative and less likely to lie to each other AND being speciist, ie not trusting human beings, then they would have an evolutionary advantage as a species over us. There isn't.

This is totally mind-blowing to consider. Perhaps that's exactly the kind of species we could encounter that was space-faring, and from another planet, solar system or galaxy. When you consider the Borg in Star Trek terms fits this concept perfectly, it's a little chilling. I wonder if it's simply free will and a short lifespan that causes a species to be so completely dishonest as human beings.

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by mfh (#46746303) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

You're falling prey to the foolish notion that someone couldn't devise a strategy around this deficiency. One exists to effectively remove dishonesty from the equation.

We're in the age of dating profiles. A successful nerdy high functioning autistic can mate and bear children easily enough. The fact the autistic doesn't have to contend with hundreds of women eagerly waiting for his sexual attention merely offers up more time to do whatever great things the universe has in store.

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by mfh (#46745935) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

So you're suggesting that evolution relies upon dishonesty? You're not wrong... but at some point we hit a wall where continued dishonesty creates a threat that puts our species at risk (which is where we are today). To survive as a species we have to uphold honesty as a defacto requirement or we'll simply be culled from history like the dinosaurs.

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by mfh (#46583661) Attached to: Facebook Buying Oculus VR For $2 Billion

Listen guys I know a lot of people are complaining about Oculus going to Facebook. Carmack is a total genius.

There are a couple of reasons this probably happened.

This is from Carmack's message when he joined Oculus Rift as CTO last year.

I believe that VR will have a huge impact in the coming years, but everyone working today is a pioneer. The paradigms that everyone will take for granted in the future are being figured out today; probably by people reading this message.

Carmack probably started the ball rolling to get Facebook interested. Carmack has always had problems with massive user connectivity to his systems. He has never really been able to manage it very well or he would have pioneered a MMO. His focus has always been geared towards bringing fast paced FPS game engines to market but they almost always lacked very good latency or rendering when more than 16 people would join a game. Facebook has been working on connectivity since day one. Carmack probably wants them involved so he can access their complete knowledge base.

I think this is a calculated move by Carmack. He's also going to shake things up at Facebook.

I think he's gonna have a positive effect on Facebook and also on Zuckerberg, who has lacked a moral mentor that will possibly be found in Carmack.

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by mfh (#45863141) Attached to: Eye Tracking Coming To Video Games

You're making the mistake of assuming technology will advance within the confines of our current designs only and you're ignoring the fact that whenever technology advances it often crashes through the confines of walls assigned to try and keep it the way a select few want it to be. Mouse cursor translucency could fix the problem or a simple cross-hair. Another possible fix is that there would be multiple cursors that would be manipulated in polygonal patterns. This polygon method is probably the best application because it would enable at minimal a third dimensional approach to object manipulation. The result? You could quickly mold the screen objects to suit your own requirements just by rapid eye movement. And a side effect of REM is that we might require less sleep using a setup like this.

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by mfh (#45860807) Attached to: Eye Tracking Coming To Video Games

Basically the eye becomes the part of the system that moves the mouse and you have buttons or voice commands for accessing areas if you want. So you move your eye over to something and click it or you quickly adjust between five things and order a command that changes how the five things interact. This is way better ergonomically than sliding a mouse or using your hand on a touchpad because no part of your body is actually pushing against a slide-surface.

Comment: Re:Jealous Governments & Big Business (Score 1) 207

These American documents were always false. Look at the whole commie scare during the cold war. Everyone who was suspected of being a commie (as in anybody who didn't see exactly eye-to-eye with big business) was put under a microscope. The fact is that democracy's tenets are as freely interchangeable as any other ideology. It's all just a sham. A total nightmare. Nobody really believes any of this stuff do they? Do you really believe that not knowing what other potentially dangerous people are doing is a good idea? Do you not want to know?

At the end of the day we can use all the information gathered to lock up all the wrong people or we can lock up the right people. Unfortunately all the people in charge are in their position because they are sociopaths. There is absolutely no defense against that kind of tyranny apart from utter revolt which by my watch is now impossible because our younger generation has now had a taste of revolt and how futile it is with Occupy Wallstreet. They accomplished NOTHING. Everyone knows it. Will they ever try again? Nope.

Most people don't believe in fairy tales, but a good test of that is whether or not someone is a theist. Not atheist. A theist because the space there really means something.

The funny thing is that anyone who calls attention to these things is torn down, and damaged. There is no way no possible way to defend against this sham.

The only real way is when it eventually collapses in on itself but by then the real enemy will become evident. And it will be too late. That's the plan.

Comment: Jealous Governments & Big Business (Score 2) 207

NSA is a blueprint company. Even though we all know they are doing it, there's not much you can do about it. Huge multinationals will participate in schemes to monitor traffic and snoop in one country but they are regarded as being high and mighty privacy advocates in another? That's a load of crap. They are all dirty and have been since the 80s. Tracking and monitoring is what any big business does. If you do business with them, you have to accept that they are watching what you're doing. They are sharing it with all the governments. The fact NSA is being held up as an example is just another cold war move by Russia and probably China. You think Russia isn't watching everything their citizens are doing? China?

There are no private states.

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