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+ - Enterprise Level PHP/MySQL Hosting? 1

Submitted by mfh
mfh (56) writes "Hello Slashdot, I am getting ready to launch a new spreadsheet-driven document control system, and I am just now looking around for a PHP & MySQL host that is reliable and not too expensive. I have been using Netfirms but I learned after signing up that they have a 50k SQL cap per every two hours, which is disappointing. Their service is pretty slow for what I am looking for, also. Any suggestions would be very welcome."
User Journal

+ - Hello Again Slashdot! :D

Submitted by mfh
mfh (56) writes "Hello folks, just touching base with my Slashdot journal. It's been a long time since I've written anything here and I'd like to start by saying I've made a lot of changes in my life since then.

I quit World of Warcraft, fully stocked my kitchen with fresh veggies and healthy food, joined a gym, started working with a trainer and I'm fucking happier than I've ever been! :)

My job is going well, I'm getting ready to buy a new SUV and I'm happy with my life again, thanks to my family and IRL friends.

I missed Slashdot quite a bit since I was last here and just to let you know I've been over at Reddit, but that's kinda fun and stuff although it's not the same as the nerdy goodness of this fucking awesome website.

I wanna wish all you guys health, wealth and happiness."

+ - What is the fastest keyboard for hardcore gaming? 4

Submitted by mfh
mfh (56) writes "Currently I'm using a Logitech G11 keyboard with 18 of the bindable G keys along the left side of the keyboard. They are designed in a way that makes it really easy to figure out which button I'm pressing but I am concerned that World of Warcraft isn't responding as fast as I would like during raid encounters. I've eliminated every other possible hardware issue and that leaves the keyboard. First of all, can anyone explain why the G11 is slow, and secondly can anyone suggest the most responsive replacement?"

+ - SPAM: Hobbyist Game Designer, Level Designer AMA

Submitted by mfh
mfh (56) writes "An anonymous game designer and level designer, who is the real thing (note the gold star on Reddit) has opened the floor to Reddit's IamA section, for any questions pertaining to game design and level design. Slashdotters interested in finding out development tricks or have even complex problems solved on the spot are all encouraged to submit questions."
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