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Comment: Tomorrow's war (Score 2) 177

by meteormarc (#45430571) Attached to: Military Robots Expected To Outnumber Troops By 2023
Robots will be excellent in fighting the human bodies of today's terrorists. But how will we defend ourselves against robot warriors of terrorist organizations? The old story: we arm ourselves for todays war and are blind for the future. Dutch politics has been discussing the Joint Strike Fighter for more than 10 years. They end up replacing 60+ F16 jets for a mere 34 JSF jets costing billions of dollars and will not see their limitations.

Comment: Profit from exploitation (Score 2) 94

by meteormarc (#43301077) Attached to: To Prevent Deforestation, Brazilian Supermarkets Ban Amazon Meat
Amazon, sounds like:
Customers who purchased this meat also purchased:
- cheap clothes from Vietnam where factories pollute their environment
- this nice device from Chine where laborers health is affected by bad working circumstances
- fish caught against over-fishing rules

Comment: 300 km is fine (Score 1) 488

by meteormarc (#39121975) Attached to: Obayashi To Build Space Elevator By 2050
You do not have to go to 36000 km height to have a space experience. The international Space Station orbits at 300 km height and provides us with fantastic pictures. The authors mention the 36000 km height because geostationary satellites are at that height. And, apparently, something big like the terminal staion must be at that height to hold the elevator cable in place.

Comment: Beauty is also in "swing" (Score 1) 234

by meteormarc (#37956832) Attached to: Mathematically Pattern-Free Music
Much of the beauty of music is in the way it is played. The piano player in the TED video was so kind to take the music seriously and make the best of it, i.e. suggesting structure by subtly varying the duration of notes relative to how they are written in the score. The piece would be much uglier when converted into a midi file and played automatically on an electric piano.

Comment: And a face transplant (Score 2, Interesting) 706

With the advances in face recognition changing your name will not do. And there are lots of other clues to link your new id to your old one, like the position in your social network. It would only work if you quit the internet entirely after getting your new id.

Comment: Get rid of license plates (Score 1) 222

by meteormarc (#31304188) Attached to: Repo Men Using New Technology To Track Cars
Technically, there is not a good reason why people should drive around with a visible license plate. Within 10 years or so, cars will drive a round with a GPS and some module to transmit their location and identification for whichever purposes the government thinks it is needed (usage fees, maintaining traffic laws, etc.). Others will not be able to read location and identification signals.

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