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Comment: It depends (Score 2) 92 92

by metamatic (#50014821) Attached to: To Learn (Or Not Learn) JQuery

If you are working on an existing project that has already chosen to use jQuery, then you should learn it.

Otherwise, I wouldn't bother. Just learn Vanilla JS, and skip jQuery. Your pages will be faster and better.

jQuery was a useful thing a few years ago, but now that browser standards compliance is so much better it's a big chunk of unnecessary code.

Comment: Re:Social Media Outrage? (Score 0) 364 364

by metamatic (#50002161) Attached to: Are We Too Quick To Act On Social Media Outrage?

Indeed. And he was given the chance to put his side of the story on June 10th. Unfortunately for him, he made a non-apology apology, saying:

"I did mean the part about having trouble with girls. It is true that people - I have fallen in love with people in the lab and people in the lab have fallen in love with me and it's very disruptive to the science because it's terribly important that in a lab people are on a level playing field. I found that these emotional entanglements made life very difficult."


"It's terribly important that you can criticise people's ideas without criticising them and if they burst into tears, it means that you tend to hold back from getting at the absolute truth. Science is about nothing but getting at the truth and anything that gets in the way of that diminishes, in my experience, the science."

As for the idea that he was taken out of context, the linked article which is supposed to support that idea quotes him as saying:

"Let me tell you about my trouble with girls. Three things happen when they are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them they cry. Perhaps we should make separate labs for boys and girls?”

So yeah. He was sexist in context, he was given the chance to put his side of the story, he doubled down and said he stood by his comments and made more sexist remarks, and only then did he lose his job on June 11th.

Submitter should probably spend less time reading Brietbart.

Comment: Re: Absence?! (Score 1) 595 595

by metamatic (#49856575) Attached to: How Ready Is IPv6 To Succeed IPv4?

2: If IPv6 were backwards-compatible, we wouldn't. We could go from IPv4 to IPv6 just like going from CDs to DVDs to BluRay. But it isn't and therefore we won't ever replace that structure.

IPv6 is backwards-compatible in exactly the same way that BluRay is backwards-compatible with DVD.

Your BluRay player has a BluRay VM and Java VM, and uses H.264 encoded video. None of that is part of DVD playback. There's a totally separate stack of code that handles DVD menus, MPEG-2 video, and interleaved MPEG transport streams. Your separate DVD software stack and BluRay software stack sit on top of a single piece of hardware for reading data from the discs. The UI then makes the distinction largely invisible.

And similarly, my computer has an IPv4 stack and an IPv6 stack, and they both sit on the same network hardware that reads the packets. And the OS makes the distinction largely invisible to the end user.

Comment: Re:Odd thoughts: (Score 2) 285 285

by metamatic (#49827463) Attached to: Microsoft To Support SSH In Windows and Contribute To OpenSSH

According to the man page on my Mac:

          The getopt_long() and getopt_long_only() functions first appeared in GNU
          libiberty. The first BSD implementation of getopt_long() appeared in
          NetBSD 1.5, the first BSD implementation of getopt_long_only() in
          OpenBSD 3.3. FreeBSD first included getopt_long() in FreeBSD 5.0,
          getopt_long_only() in FreeBSD 5.2.

Comment: Re: Yes more reliable (Score 2) 101 101

by metamatic (#49807483) Attached to: Google Calendar Ends SMS Notifications

Not to mention SMS is not reliable. SMS messages are not guaranteed, they are delivered on a "best effort" basis. Your mobile network is free to drop them on the floor and not retry if your phone moves out of signal range, the network is congested, or any other reason they feel like. This is particularly prone to happening when messages have to go across network boundaries.

Obviously the person who wrote the summary was under the mistaken belief that SMS is designed to be reliable, just like lots of people believe that email is designed to be instant...

Comment: Re:Cuz Minix Dude Was A Old Guy (Score 2) 469 469

by metamatic (#49635175) Attached to: Why Was Linux the Kernel That Succeeded?

Please tell me how did BSD win from OS X using it as a code base. They don't give back, and attempts at cooperation ended up wasting some time of BSD developers.

BSD got its automatic live self-defragmenting code from OS X. Then there's libdispatch/GCD, LLVM, and so on.

Comment: Re:Cuz Minix Dude Was A Old Guy (Score 2) 469 469

by metamatic (#49635137) Attached to: Why Was Linux the Kernel That Succeeded?

Yeah. I was there at the time, writing patches for the Minix kernel... Linus specifically wanted support for 386 protected memory and virtual memory. AST wouldn't do it, because it would mean Minix wouldn't run on 68000-based systems like my Atari ST. So Linus went away and hacked together his own 386-only replacement kernel over a weekend.

Comment: Re:SAVE US AND THE WEB FROM MOZILLA! (Score 1) 324 324

by metamatic (#49605983) Attached to: Mozilla Begins To Move Towards HTTPS-Only Web

Then there was the whole Eich debacle. Regardless of your stance, it's pretty disgusting that somebody had to lose his job merely because of his beliefs regarding same-sex marriages.

He didn't lose his job merely because of his beliefs regarding same-sex marriages.

He lost his job because he spent money attempting to get laws passed which would prevent people, including his employees, from getting married. That made it hard for him to be a leader for those employees, so he resigned his position.

If he had merely had opinions, there wouldn't have been an issue.

But hey, don't let the actual facts get in the way of a dishonest misstatement of the situation.

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