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Comment Re:No Apple (Score 1) 98

Err...nope. They are using m4a and standard h.264 (and h.265), and have been doing for ages. You could possibly say their .mov container is proprietary I suppose, but for years and years they've always used standard formats.

There was a brief time at the beginning when they used Fairplay DRM on audio because they were forced to, despite many pushes from them to get that dropped. I believe Amazon broke that one and was the first DRM-free store - not entirely sure on that one. iTunes store followed shortly after, as soon as the studios let them.

Apple do use DRM on their bought/rented video from the iTunes store. But then so does Amazon, and so does Netflix, and so does MS. They're in exactly the same situation.

Comment Re:What a great idea! (Score 4, Interesting) 125

"Shooting drones down will not solve the problem."

Shooting drones down will solve the problem of having drones in the air. That's the problem this device is designed to solve. None of the other things you mention come under the remit of this device, and the device was not intended to address or solve them. This is just the latest in anti-aircraft evolution.

Comment Looking at you, BBC... (Score 5, Interesting) 202

Go to the BBC site with a desktop browser, it's Flash all the way. Now go on iOS (I would guess also Android) and magically it's HTML 5. Set the user agent to identify as an iPad and you get the identical layout to the desktop browsers but HTML 5 media.

Now why on earth is that? That's actually more effort to maintain than just doing it right in the first place. OK so you have older version browser support, but there are better ways to identify those than just "are you a desktop OS trying to access me?".

Comment Re:Upstart? Scarebus? Comparison to Concorde? (Score 1) 345

No, the major reason the B-70 program was cancelled was the increasing range (altitude) of SAMs.

Exactly. If your bombers are going to be shot down by SAMs anyway, it makes no economic sense to use supersonic ones. You'd just be wasting fuel and limiting payload. Instead, you stick with subsonic (or barely supersonic, if you want to count the B1).

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