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Comment From the article you didn't read (Score 3, Informative) 64

When United does include this code in correspondence, all but the last three characters are replaced with asterisks. The same is true with Unitedâ(TM)s boarding passes. However, the full Mileage Plus number is available if you take the time to decode the barcode on a boarding pass.

Comment Completely ridiculous (Score 1) 232

It's "facebook" people. Facebook. It's not like you need it or life requires it. It's not like you have to put everything in your life into it. You can of course put your whole life out there for anyone who wishes to see it (That's what I do mostly) or if you like you can post 4 pictures of cats and then only share them with a handful of friends and then never go back there again. People who use it aren't "willing victims" and people who won't use it because they don't want to use their real names aren't being somehow abused or picked on. What does identifying LGBT have to do with any of this shit? Just go outside and play for fucks sake and get over it.

Comment Re:you could choke a horse with these SAVINGS! (Score 3, Interesting) 117

My favourite is a somewhat optimistic one that appears on my iPad when it looks at I always read in landscap - what happens is the site appears for a second or so, then an enormous black square appears blotting out all the content and the text "Please rotate your device" inside it. No I am not going to rotate my device purely in order to see some advert that;s meant to be inside this giant black square that I don't want to see in the first place. I've had that happen quite a lot on the site, and I've still got no idea what's meant to appear because I just close the site when it happens. Meh.

Comment Re:so, YOU'RE saying... (Score 1) 194

"You get more of what you subsidize"

Apparently, what you really want is more obscenely overpriced committee-designed rehashed space shuttle hardware.

Face it, this is an extravagantly expensive social program for keeping engineers with overly bureaucratic personalities out of trouble.

Comment Re: Does Excel work yet? (Score 0) 119

All computer numerical models are imprecise.

Accountants have a favorite model. It's full of its own errors (like rounding many intermediate results to only two digits of fractional precision), but these are the errors accountants are used to seeing, regardless of how large the errors are. So they go on and on about how "superior" their model is when other models come up with slightly different results, even if those results might sometimes be closer to the abstract ideal. Accountants are smug in their knowledge that their peers can calculate erroneous results that exactly match their own.

Comment Final Rule: Test the Disaster Recovery Plan (Score 2) 68

Story time: A few years ago I was working on a web app for a US intel/LEO agency in northern virginia. The app had started as a demo, then kind of grew. Like a fungus. It was never really designed, much less designed to shut down and restart unexpectedly. There were some other similarly "designed" apps running in the data center.

The data center, being under the flight path for an airport, had a continuity of operations ("coop") plan and hardware. The "UPS" was a big generator with a switch so that it would take over when mains power went down. There was also a system designed to handle hot mirroring of everything and switch all network traffic to the backup center if the main center went down.

A great system which was never tested because what if the test takes the system down for 15 minutes and we thus miss the opportunity to prevent the Next 9/11 and Thousands Die and, worse yet, we have to testify in front of Congress?

So one day the fire marshall came through the building and, as part of his testing, hit the Big Red Switch. The switch designed to detect this and start the generators (and which was reported to cost $15) failed. All the systems went down, hard. The network switch in place to notify the hot backup site and send all the traffic there also failed. And the Vital Systems Protecting Our Nation From the Next 9/11 went down, worldwide.

Don't just have a plan, test it.

p.s. We never were able to determine how much, if any, data was lost....

Comment Source control? (Score 4, Insightful) 88

What bothers me most about things like this is trying to relate it back to what is supposed to have changed in the latest versions. I can't think of anything in iOS 9 that should have touched code like this, which makes me wonder about the state of source control.

Happy to be wrong, but Apple have had a few regression-type bugs before which again make me think their branching/merging strategies may not quite be up to snuff. Would like to be wrong though - anyone know of a changed area in iOS 9 that would have necessitated playing with something like this?

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